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Top Uses For Custom Shirts

Custom printed t-shirts for charitable or environmental events.

We live in an age where you can use the web to create almost anything you need quickly, affordably and to specification. These days, digital printing and manufacturing means that products don't need to be ordered in bulk – they can instead be made to order with no need for pricy upfront investments or warehouses to store huge amounts of stock.

One awesome example of how this technology can be used is to print custom t-shirts, mugs, lanyards, tote bags or various types of unique promotional products. Instead of being limited to wearing t-shirts that you can find in retail shops, today it's possible to order a t-shirt with any image you want.

But what might you use this for? Read on for some powerful examples of why people order custom t-shirts…

For Groups and Performances

Say you're a dance troupe or a martial arts club that do performances, using custom t-shirts can be a fantastic way to make yourself appear more professional and to create a more attractive visual. Instead of wearing your slacks, if you all wear custom t-shirts in the same color and with the same logo, it will make your business appear much more organized and will at the same time ensure that you match each other visually.

Custom t-shirts printed for groups that are performing at their schools.

As Gifts

If you want to impress your friends with a truly unique and personal gift, then you can't really go wrong with personalized t-shirts. These might include an image that your friend and recipient likes, or they might just include an image of that person. There are all kinds of ways you can make these gifts into a fun joke, or that you can make them special, personal and stylish.


Want to make an occasion extra special? Then one of the best things you can do is to make t-shirts to mark the occasion. T-shirts create a sense of camaraderie, they provide a great souvenir and they make the day feel more special. And when they match they will of course look excellent in photos! Good examples of events that can benefit from t-shirts include stag and hen parties, baby showers, holidays and 50th birthday parties.

For Marketing

One of the biggest markets for printed t-shirts is businesses. Businesses can give away custom t-shirts along with other promotional products at tradeshows, with product purchases or in a range of other scenarios.

When a company gives a printed t-shirt to a customer or visitor, this will right away make a good impression: the visitor has received a free gift and as a result they will think more highly of the company and be more likely to buy from them again.

Custom t-shirts printed for corporate tradeshows. Cost-effective promotional giveaways.

At the same time, every time that recipient wears their custom t-shirt, they will inadvertently be promoting the company by showing off the logo. They'll also be reminding themselves of the company that they had a good experience with and they'll feel more like they're a part of your company's story. When they wear your logo, they will feel like a part of your business – and that will only help to increase loyalty and reviews further.

This is not a comprehensive list of the uses of custom t-shirts though; there are countless other ways they can be used. What creative applications will you use them for?