Youth Day Toronto 2018

Youth day custom t-shirts worn at a Toronto event to represent support and growth for the younger generation.

It’s no secret that today’s youth are becoming the catalysts for positive change in their communities. From running socially responsible businesses, starting charitable initiatives to inspiring their fellow peers, the future is looking very bright for our younger generation.

What is YOUTH DAY?

YOUTH DAY is a free annual event founded by Tylaine Duggan that began back in 2007. The goal of the event was to engage and inspire youth through music, dance, art, photography, fashion, and film.

Today, it is the largest event of its kind bringing in over 40,000 people every year. It has also been named an official “Event of Municipal Significance” for the City of Toronto.

YOUTH DAY provides an opportunity to support the growing potential of young people in our community. Youth are able to share their passions and talents and inspire others to do the same. A huge part of YOUTH DAY is the ability for performers to express their emotions and feelings, building their self-esteem in the process.

Youth day volunteers wearing custom t-shirts in white with their safety orange design that stands out.

It also provides a platform for youth to discuss social issues that they are passionate about like mental health and education. How amazing is that?!

How did Entripy help?

This year, Entripy was presented the opportunity to be part of this incredible event. You may not think it, but custom t-shirts can help make a huge difference when organizing an event. The feeling of unity on an event day can help lift spirits and push your team to work together in a high-stress environment.

When everyone comes together, wearing the same custom tee with the same cause – they feel like they are part of something bigger… and we love that!

During an event as large as this, safety also becomes top priority. it’s important to be able to identify volunteers and staff members easily in a crowd of 40,000 people. This is where custom uniforms can make all the difference. This year, YOUTH DAY volunteers proudly wore their printed t-shirts in the easy-to-spot Safety Orange color. You can spot them from a mile away.

Crowd of youth day volunteers wearing custom t-shirts with personalization printed on the back for each participant.

Custom t-shirts are also a way to thank your volunteers for the time and effort they put in, to making your event a success. It gives them a souvenir to take home and remember the great cause they contributed to.

The event on July 22nd 2018 was a huge success and brought together a vibrant group of performers and spectators from across the GTA. To learn more and #BePartOfIt visit the Youth day Global website here.