Find the right custom print solution for you

We operate three additional platforms to serve any business for all custom print apparel solutions. Fundraising for a school or team initiative? Need staff uniforms without the overhead cost? Have a passion project you want to monetize through apparel? We have a platform to serve you. Each platform caters to you and is 100% free to use!

For School & Team Spirit Wear

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Perfect for:
Schools & Teachers | Athletic Directors | Sports Leagues & Teams | Camps
No More Forms & Money Collection
Easy online ordering & payment
Always Open eStores 24/7
Parents & coaches can order anytime anywhere
Zero Investment
Set up in minutes online. 100% Free!
Drop-ships to Parents & Students
No more administration or inventory
Get $ Back *
Plus 10% rebate back for fundraising
*Once your shop hits $1000 in sales.

Why Choose EntripyShops

They all look great with their new apparel. Lucky boys, they have their toques, t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, sweats… fully decked out! Thanks for all of your help and great customer service!

For Staff Uniforms & Corporate Apparel

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Perfect for:
Franchises | Corporate Swag | Employee Incentives | Company Uniforms
Eliminate Warehousing & Logistics
100% Print on Demand and ships directly to end user
Produce & Drop-ship On-Demand
No inventory costs or wastage ever. Order when needed with just a click
Free Up Company Cashflow
Holding onto inventory ties up capital that can be used elsewhere
Flexible and Agile
Come to market more quickly with rebranding or ad-hoc designs
Zero Investment & Real Time Analytics
Free platform that tracks every order in the backend

Why Choose ZipMerch

ZipMerch takes the complexity out of running a uniform program for 80+ franchise locations. Dealing with purchasing in bulk, processing uniform orders, and storing inventory with third party warehouse is such a hassle. With ZipMerch, every location orders directly from our ZipMerch store and gets their uniforms shipped directly to them. I don’t have to worry about inventory warehousing or wastage. Thanks ZipMerch!

Print-on-demand and dropshipping e-commerce solution

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Perfect for:
Creative Minds | Artists | Influencers | Entrepreneurs
Canadian Print-on-Demand Solution
We make each order on-demand. No inventory or warehousing costs.
Drop-shipping Provider
We take care of production, packaging and shipping directly to your customer
No Hidden Fees
We help you create without any hidden costs
E-commerce Integration
Simply design, connect your store, publish your collection and profit!
Create and Sell Your Products
You design and sell. We take care of the rest.

Why Choose Slaite

With Slaite, I can create my ow store, design my own products, set my price, sizing and colour and not worry about printing, inventory or shipping! Slaite takes care of it and I watch the profit. It's a new app but the custom decoration expertise shows. The customer service goes above and beyond to help with e-commerce integration. Thanks!