Top 5 Back to School Tips & How to Prepare

Even though summer vacation is no more, going back to school can be pretty exciting. You're about to hang out with friends you haven't seen in months, share stories of your epic summer adventures, and settle in for a full year of unforgettable experiences.

With so much to look forward to when you go back to school, you'll want to be properly prepared with the type of swag that will impress all year long. Before you step through those hallowed halls, check out this quick list of our top five back-to-school style tips.

1 - Get Personal

Every year, parents in Canada prepare to spend close to $500 on back-to-school supplies for each of their children. But, almost all of this money goes to the same old tired places. You, your parents, and all of your friends have probably shopped at the same malls and retail outlets since you were old enough to walk. When you're trying to dress to impress, there's nothing worse than showing up to school in the same clothes as one of your classmates.

The solution, of course, is to stop purchasing the same mass-produced threads that are hanging in every retail store window. To truly stand out, you'll want to stock up on customized clothing that expresses your unique flair. Personalized clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is the perfect solution if you want to rock a style that no one has ever seen before.

2 - Stockpile Customized T-Shirts

As you search through all the personalized options that are available, you'll find that custom T-shirts remain the ultimate standby for savvy customers who want to stand out. These shirts can be customized to display any design that you choose, and you can even design your own T-shirt with a unique style that's guaranteed to be brand-new. If you want to show your patriotic spirit for all to see, you can even opt for custom tees that were made in Canada.

The best thing about T-shirts is that they remain in style all year long. They work great as standalone tops in the warmer months, and they are also perfect for layering when the weather turns cold.

Boys-wearing-custom tshirts

You should definitely consider this pro tip: If you set a couple of T-shirts aside and don't wear them until the winter or spring, it will feel like you just picked these shirts up at the store.

3 - Rock a Custom Cap or Two

What better way to back up your unique personalized T-shirt design than with a couple of custom snapback hats? The trendy local hat retailers are all carrying the same basic supply, so you can bet that a few of your friends will show up for class wearing the same caps.

You can buck the trend by rocking a hat that displays a unique design that you know for sure no one else will be wearing. Custom hats are available in every colour of the rainbow, and you can provide your own design to get the ball rolling.

Custom Twill cap

Caps are available in sizes that fit every head circumference, and there are various base styles that each look good for a specific occasion.

4 - Snuggle Up in Cozy Hoodies

The weather may be warm at the start of the school year, but it won't be long before winter turns everything frigid. You can get prepared for chilly mornings and brisk afternoons by stocking up on hoodies that will insulate your body and express your unique style in a visually appealing way.

Personalized sweatshirts are available in all customer favourite popular brands, and there is a vast array of appealing colours and sizes to choose from. As with custom T-shirts, you can choose to apply practically any phrase, logo, or design to a custom hoodie. Take this type of apparel to a whole new level by embroidering a phrase or design on certain hoodies.

Custom embroidered hoodies will never fade, and they have a unique, textured look that will turn heads and make your style the talk of the town. Imagine having a high-quality hoodie that's emblazoned with your name or a zip-up sweatshirt that bears a logo that's never been seen before. Not only do these types of hoodies keep you warm all winter long, but they also express a statement that won't soon be forgotten.

Custom Sweatshirt

5 - Stock Up for the Whole Year

As you go back-to-school shopping, there's no reason why you shouldn't keep your eyes set on the big picture. Many families go shopping right before school starts just to pick up clothes that will last through the fall, and these families often find themselves having to go shopping again within a couple of months just to keep up with the changing seasons. Don't let it happen to you.

If you think ahead, you can plan out a wardrobe in the early fall that will last you clear into next spring. The best way to equip yourself for what's ahead is to select clothing that will provide you with the coverage that you need for every season. Even though summer has just ended, you'll need boots, jeans, and jackets before you know it, and picking up all of these essentials now can save you time as the school year progresses.

As you consider these pro tips for back-to-school fashion success, just remember that the best way to get the most out of any school year is by wearing custom clothing that expresses your unique flair and sense of style.