Using Creativity to Encourage Social Distancing

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We’ve all heard it by now -- social distancing is here to stay. During challenging times, it’s important to stay positive and look to creativity as an outlet to navigate this uncertainty.

Designing a t-shirt and using it as a visual cue to promote social distancing not only works as a helpful reminder to stop the spread, but also has the ability to spark creative joy while we’re cooped up indoors.

Our Free Social Distancing Designs

Want to create a social distancing t-shirt, but aren’t quite sure how to get started?

Explore our personal compilation of social distancing designs that we put together to inspire your own creations. Customize any of our apparel items with these designs and use them for your personal or professional needs. Remember social distancing is not forever, it’s just for now, so let’s make the best of this situation and use our creativity to help each other out!

How to Design Your Own Social Distancing Apparel

  1. Download our social distancing designs here
  2. Choose your canvas –Pick from our wide selection of apparel items – from tees and sweatshirts, as well as no minimum items, we’ve got your designing needs covered.
  3. Customize in Design Studio – Take your social distancing designs and your apparel choice into our Design Studio and customize your apparel creation to your liking. There are lot of ways you can personalize your design, so spend as much time as want to craft your design!
  4. Save and Purchase – Once you’re satisfied with your design, hit save and put your order through! In a matter of time, you’ll be able to wear your design and use your creativity to encourage social distancing to #StopTheSpread!