We're Making Masks to #StopTheSpread

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With the spread of COVID-19 rapidly increasing and affecting our everyday life, new recommendations and advised practices are emerging everyday. These extraordinary times require all of us to band together to do our part in slowing the spread as best we can. We as a company have always been dedicated to supporting our communities and this time is no different. We are using our resources to produce masks to provide you with the equipment to effectively social distance and help keep you safe.

We can work together to reduce the drain on the supplies that are needed for essential health care workers

The Need for Masks

The CDC recently advised everyone to begin wearing a mask or cloth covering when in public to maintain social distancing. For people that are travelling, wearing a mask is now a government requirement that is intended to slow the spread of the virus.

But, with the high demand for face masks, this form of essential protective equipment that is regularly used by medical staff has reached a critical low. Individuals and companies have used this as their cue to help and find solutions to combating this medical supply shortage, while providing safe equipment for their communities.

How We Are Doing Our Part

As an apparel-based company, we have designated our resources to produce masks for the general public. Using the CDC’s guidelines for the public, our masks are made from our supply of 2-ply 100% cotton t-shirt material.

We took the cue that people aren't looking to buy t-shirts and decided to use that inventory of t-shirt material to produce masks to help keep you safe. We've always been dedicated to producing everything in-house and in Canada -- and our masks are no different.

You might be wondering how a t-shirt could help keep you protected from the virus. Researchers have tested a wide variety of materials to find out which performs as the best form of protection from bacteria. The results showed that two layers of a 100% cotton t-shirt material is one of the most suitable materials for improvising a mask and are 71% effective at protecting from viral particles. T-shirts are also the most breathable and comfortable material to use as a face covering.

Decorated Resusable Face Mask.

By making masks out of t-shirt material, we can work together to reduce the drain on the supplies that are needed for essential health care workers. While these masks are not medical grade, they provide protection and safeguarding for you while you are in public. They are also meant to encourage social distancing practices that are necessary to flatten the curve.

Best Practices: How to Properly Wear a Face Mask

According to the CDC, cloth face coverings are not only an acceptable form of protection, but also an effective solution to slowing the spread. To make sure you are staying safe properly, the following are some best practices that will guide you on how to use your mask:

• Make sure your mask fits snugly and comfortably around the sides of your face

• Secure your mask around your face with the ear loops to ensure it stays put on your face while outdoors

• Wash your mask after each wear

• Avoid touching your face and fidgeting with the mask while you are wearing it, especially while outside or in public

These truly are unprecedented times that requires each of us to adapt to new practices to help do our part to stop the spread. As the situation continues to evolve, Entripy is committed to staying in touch with our community to make sure we stay connected even while we’re apart.

Let’s take care of each other and do our part to #StopTheSpread.

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