Why Your Company NEEDS Custom Branded Jackets

Why Your Company Needs Custom Branded Jackets

Discover why custom branded jackets can be a powerful tool for showcasing and growing your company's brand while drawing attention to your business. In this article, we will delve into the impact of custom branded jackets on effective marketing, while also ensuring your team is well-prepared for the cooler weather ahead.

So, why should your company have custom branded jackets?

Boost Your Brand Identity:

Ever see those big billboards that quickly catch your eye? Jackets with your logo act as walking billboards and can really leave a lasting impression on potential clients and partners at events and other networking opportunities. Businesses are now understanding the significance of branded apparel as a wise investment to enhance their visibility among customers. Spotting and remembering a logo are far easier than just verbally hearing a company name, making branded jackets an effective tool for leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

Strengthen Team Unity:

Custom branded jackets can help foster a strong sense of belonging among employees, promoting team unity and a cohesive environment. When team members wear jackets featuring the company's logo, it reinforces their shared purpose of working collaboratively towards achieving the company's mission and objectives. Additionally, in outdoor settings, the jackets provide essential protection and warmth, allowing the team to focus on their tasks with comfort – especially with the cooler months approaching!

The Power of an Exceptional Marketing Strategy:

Custom branded jackets provide a cost-effective way to market your company. Purchasing branded jackets is more affordable than spending money on expensive TV or print advertisements, and the clothing serves as powerful brand ambassadors. When potential customers and business partners interact with your team, they will be left with a lasting impression thanks to your company logo on these jackets, which attracts attention and grows in recognition over time.

Introducing Our Top Jacket Picks

CORE365 Men's Techno Lite Three-Layer Knit Tech-Shell (CE708)

Versatile, durable, and weather-resistant, the CORE365 Men's Techno Lite Three-Layer Knit Tech-Shell (CE708) is an excellent choice for business professionals on the move. This jacket's three-layer knit tech-shell design provides optimal wind resistance, ensuring you stay warm and protected during outdoor activities or business engagements.

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CORE365 Men's Cruise Two-Layer Fleece Bonded Soft Shell Jacket (88184)

For those seeking the perfect blend of style and performance, the CORE365 Men's Cruise Two-Layer Fleece Bonded Soft Shell Jacket (88184) is an ideal choice. This soft-shell jacket offers a fleece interior for added warmth, while its water-resistant properties keep you dry during light rain or drizzles.

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CORE365 Men's Techno Lite Motivate Unlined Lightweight Jacket (EM38188)

Looking for a lightweight and stylish option? The CORE365 Men's Techno Lite Motivate Unlined Lightweight Jacket (EM38188) is designed to meet your needs. Ideal for milder fall days, this unlined jacket allows for ease of movement and represents a smart choice for elevating your brand's image.

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Spyder Men's Transport Soft Shell Jacket (187334)

Elevate your outdoor presence with the Spyder Men's Transport Soft Shell Jacket (187334). This jacket offers both water resistance and breathability. Whether you're networking or participating in team-building activities, this jacket ensures you make a lasting impression.

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