Gildan T-Shirt Guide: Picking the Best Style for Your Business

Gildan T-Shirt Guide

When you think of custom t-shirts, Gildan is usually the brand that comes to mind. Gildan has become one of the most familiar and well-known t-shirts brands, especially within the custom clothing industry. They make quality t-shirts at affordable prices and best of all they have the top material options to print your logo or design.

With so many different materials and naming conventions for t-shirts, it’s easy to get confused trying to pick the best tee for your logo or design. So, whether you’re new to designing custom apparel or are on the hunt for a different type of t-shirt to design, then keep reading because we’re going to break down every type of Gildan t-shirt for you!


The best thing about Gildan is their wide selection of materials for t-shirts. They go beyond just simple cotton material to design t-shirts with different material features that are ideal for printing your logo or design on. The weight of the t-shirt is a considerable factor to pay attention to when looking at Gildan t-shirts, as that will give you a better idea of the durability of the tee. It's also important to note that the Canadian metric system measures ounces differently from the American metric system, so depending on which source you're looking at (Canadian or American) the measurements may look a little different. We’re going to dive into the top four material blends that Gildan makes to give you some insights into which one would be the best for your custom apparel needs.

Heavy Cotton

Heavy cotton Gildan t-shirts are the most popular option for designing custom apparel. This t-shirt material is 9 oz. and made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. It’s classified as the perfect “mid-weight” tee because of its sturdy and tight knit feel. The heavy-weight material makes it the perfect canvas to print your logo or design on without weighing down the t-shirt.

What's it best for:

The heavy cotton t-shirt is a custom apparel classic item. This versatile t-shirt is a great custom apparel pick for personal or casual promotional wear, event swag, school spirit wear, or employee uniforms. This heavy material blend also makes its ideal for outdoor businesses like landscaping, painting, and gardening. The Gildan Heavy Blend T-Shirt offers a classic fit and is available in 61 colours, as well sizes Small - 5XL. Plus, you can customize high quantities of these t-shirts within an affordable price range.

Heavy Cotton Gildan T-Shirt

Ultra Cotton

Ultra cotton is one of the weightiest t-shirts made from 100% pure cotton. This t-shirt material is also pre-shrunk, which means that you can put it in the dryer without worrying about it turning out a size smaller than what you originally bought. The material weighs about 10.1 oz. and it is vouched to be one of the most comfortable Gildan t-shirts because of its soft feel. This t-shirt is the perfect moderate-heavy tee that prints very well and will last longer.

What's it best for:

Like the heavy cotton t-shirt, the ultra-cotton is an all-around versatile custom apparel item. The light feel of this t-shirt makes it ideal for warmer climates, while also giving a sturdy fit that won’t shrink or wrinkle easily. The Gildan Ultra-Cotton T-Shirt is as stylish as it is durable and is available in 62 colours and through sizes Small - 5XL.

Ultra Cotton Gildan T-Shirt

Soft Spun

The soft spun Gildan t-shirt is made from 100% ring spun cotton and weighs around 7.5 oz. Ring spun cotton is different from the heavy cotton and ultra cotton t-shirts because of the way that it is made. Instead of processing the yarns into smaller sizes until they’re all of a standard thread, ring spun takes this process one step further. With ring spun the yarns are spun around a ring mechanism in a fast motion, making the yarn thinner as it twists the fibre into the same direction. This results in a smoother and softer t-shirt that will also last longer because the threads are tighter and interlocked. Ring spun Gildan t-shirts feel lighter, are pre-shrunk, and still offer the same durable features as heavy or ultra cotton.

What's it best for:

The extra care involved in created ring-spun t-shirts makes it a little pricier than other Gildan tees. Pick this t-shirt if you’re willing to spend a little extra on designing custom t-shirts for your business or occasion. Also, the soft material and premium price on this t-shirt make it ideal for businesses that are looking for a higher quality custom t-shirt for their employees. The Gildan SoftStyle Ring Spun t-shirt is the perfect ring-spun choice, as it is more slim-fitting and gives a tailored look. Plus, with minimal shrinkage features, you can wear and wash this t-shirt without losing its softness and durability.

SoftStyle Ring Spun Gildan T-Shirt

Heavy Blend Cotton

Also, known as DryBlend, this line of Gildan t-shirts are made from cotton/polyester material blend that weighs 5.5 oz. The cotton material provides breathability, while polyester adds durability and softness. The both combined give a flexible fabric with moisture-wicking features and ultra-comfort for everyday wear. It is shrink-resistant, quick drying, and holds it form and fit after every wash.

What's it best for:

If you’re going to be outside for long periods of time or are looking for something that is drying and sweat-resistant, then this t-shirt is your ideal pick. The DryBlend t-shirt line is perfect to design for a casual sports tee, team spirit wear, or employee uniforms because they can be worn multiple times and washed repeatedly without losing its original form and fit. The Gildan Ultra Blend 50/50 t-shirt comes in 39 colours and is available in sizes Small - 5XL.

Ultra Heavy Blend Gildan T-Shirt

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