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Custom pens

A great touch for any business looking to cultivate its brand is personalized pens and Entripy offer a superb range so you can find the right one for you.

Any serious business knows that pens with their logo are a great marketing tool and a statement of intent as to what your company is about. Entripy offer a wide range of custom pens covering a range of materials and styles to accentuate your particular business.

Metal pens

If your business has high standards in the way it presents itself, your custom pens should also be up to the mark. The classy and stylish Admiral Ballpoint is a classy aluminium pen with chrome accents. It is perfect for making the right impression and showing that your business exudes quality, right down to the pens it uses. The Torino Ballpoint is a modern and stylish choice with a focus on contemporary design. If you value avant-garde styling for your company, this pen with matte or satin finish with chrome twist is ideal.

Plastic pens

Our collection of plastic pens provides your business with a great, affordable way to get more customized. Our pens are available in a wide variety of colours and ready to be printed with logo and contact details. The Smart Stick Tradition is a simple and classic pen ready to be personalized, ideal for variety of businesses. The BIC Round Stic is another great choice, perfect for your employees and clients alike - these cost-effective custom pens are great for giving away to clients. You don’t have to worry much about the cost of these great value pens and you benefit from a great marketing tool. A high-end plastic pen is the Zetta Ballpoint in matte black with chrome tip and push action. Also check out the Astor pen with eye catching push clip.

Recycled pens

If you want to help preserve the environment, our recycled pens are the perfect choice. You can contribute to sustainable sourcing whilst showing your customers that your company values an eco-friendly approach. We offer two recycled custom pens made from recycled Kraft paper, meaning no new natural resources are used in production, unlike normal plastic pens. These simple, eco-friendly ballpoint pens write well and are ready to be fully customized with your logo and company details.

Combo pens

Entripy offer an excellent range of highly practical custom pens, including The Illusionist Stylus. Does your company employ staff who constantly work with handheld data terminals? If you have a team of restaurant staff, delivery drivers or engineers who use terminals to do their job, they need an appropriate stylus pen. The stylish and classy Illusionist Stylus comes with a handy screwdriver and is ready to be emblazoned with your company’s logo.


Every business needs highlighters and Entripy offers the very best – custom pens that are ballpoints and highlighters in one. The Blossom Highlighter is a smart plastic pen/highlighter with a comfortable grip and metallic finish. The Challenger features a stylish metallic finish with great details like black clip and trim.

Entripy understand that personalizing your business is key to cultivating your brand which is why we offer a range of high quality custom pens. We know that your company is unique so we provide personalized pens to match. All our pens are fully customizable in a range of colors and ready to be printed with your company’s logo.


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