Entripy's Tips For A Successful Trade Show

Entripy at a trade show event showcasing custom apparel including custom sweatshirts, custom t-shirts & promotional giveaways.

Trade shows present an opportunity to enhance your brand’s visibility, promote new products and services and generate leads. But the success of your company’s trade show appearance depends on a number of factors. As a frequent trade show exhibitor, Entripy has learned a few tricks for success. Here are our top 8 tips to guarantee a successful trade show:

Research Attendees

Find out as much as you can about the type of visitors that the show attracts. Avoid focusing solely on attendee numbers, but the audience demographic. The most successful trade shows will likely not be the ones with the largest number of people who walked by your booth, but the shows where attendees represent your target audience. You may only collect 20 business cards, but if all of those 20 become your client, isn’t this better than collecting 200 business cards and only converting 2 of those individuals into clients? Think of the time you can save in following up with all those individuals who aren’t going to purchase your products.

Drive Traffic to Your Booth BEFORE the Show

Before you attend a trade show, follow the show on social media and engage with attendees and other exhibitors before the trade show doors open. If you’re offering a special giveaway or contest, you can market this before the show to encourage attendees to visit your booth.

Be Approachable

Attracting visitors to your booth begins with you. A trade show is an ideal place to build relationships with potential customers and like all personal interactions, first impressions are everything. Dress to impress in custom apparel featuring your company’s logo. Branding yourself is the first step to putting your company’s best foot forward. Put your phone down, ditch the chair and avoid eating at your booth or leaving your empty coffee cups lying around. You never want to appear as though you’re too busy to talk to someone. If you need to answer emails or make a phone call, wait for downtime and step away from your booth.

Clients at a trade show wearing their grey custom sweatshirts with their company logo.

Host a Contest

Everyone loves to win! Contests and prizes can be a big draw. When hosting a contest, be clear on what you want to get out of it. You can ask attendees to drop a business card to participate, take a photo with your product in order to enter or answer a survey to help you get valuable marketing information.

Offer Show Specials

Show discounts or special offers can help drive traffic to your booth. Providing special coupon codes available only to show attendees gives them a feeling of exclusivity.

Give Away Great Swag

Custom promotional giveaways are an essential part of your trade show success. Swag is expected by trade show attendees, but nothing hurts an exhibitor’s heart more than to see their custom promotional products in the trash can. Choose custom promo swag that is memorable, useful and that represents your brand. For Entripy’s tips on tradeshow giveaway items that work, click here: http://www.entripy.com/blog/conference-swag-your-attendees-will-love

Location, Location, Location

Think of your trade show booth space as a real estate investment. The location of your booth is critical to your success. If you’re able to select your booth location, opt for a space within the most crowded area, along the main walkway, or a corner location with traffic on both sides. These prime locations tend to sell out fast, so try to reserve your spot early!

Customers holding black custom t-shirts at a trade show for EntripyShops.

Follow Up Fast

People are a forgetful bunch. Follow up with show leads as soon as the show ends. The longer you wait to re-connect, the longer attendees have to forget who you are. Remember, people have many interactions at trade shows and are likely to forget about their morning conversations as fast as lunchtime. One or two days after the show is a good time to follow up.