Conference Swag Your Attendees Will Love

Entripy's yellow custom tote bag used as a conference swag bag at tradeshows.

Conferences are for learning, networking, and getting out of the office, but more importantly, we all know conferences are about getting cool swag! Conference organizers know everyone loves getting free stuff. Well thought-out promotional swag can enhance the event experience for conference attendees and help your marketing efforts, too. Here are some great ideas to create a memorable, fun and effective conference custom bag, attendees are sure to love.

Start with a Great Custom Bag

Your conference bag is likely the first thing attendees will see when they arrive. Don’t underestimate the event marketing power of the conference tote bag. A functional and stylish bag is sure to end up in the trunk of attendees’ cars and used for grocery shopping and running errands for many years to come, reminding your audience of your event over and over again.

Entripy client's wearing custom t-shirts, embroidered toques and giving out custom totes as giveaways.

Mobile Device Chargers

Conferences are filled with people glued to their phones. Whether they’re tweeting about the conference or checking email, chances are your attendees will run out of battery by lunchtime. Mobile device chargers are one of the most practical conference giveaways and an effective marketing tool for your conference. A full battery means attendees can be more engaged throughout the event – a conference coordinator’s dream!

Custom Pens

A custom pen is one of the most useful conference giveaway items. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than having to dig through your bag to find a pen to jot down someone’s contact info or a useful tidbit from a speaker. As small, convenient items, custom pens are most likely to find their way onto your conference attendees’ desks and used many times post-conference, thus reminding them of the event over and over.

A pack of custom pens made with entripy logo and blue and yellow colours for clients.

Custom Umbrellas

If only we could predict the weather! Rain can be an annoyance to conference attendees. But having some custom umbrellas on hand at your conference will make you appear a saviour to attendees who likely didn’t arrive prepared.

Reusable Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are one of the most valued promotional swag items given out at conferences. Convenient and practical, reusable water bottles encourage conference attendees to stay hydrated and are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. Often used long after the event is over, custom reusable water bottles are a great marketing tool for your event.

Custom T-shirts

Custom t-shirts are a great way to identify volunteers and staff at your event, but they can also make a great souvenir item for attendees. A custom t-shirt can be a great tool to promote your conference and inject some spirit into your event. A cool saying or unique design that attendees will want to wear beyond the conference make the best giveaways, rather than your company or event logo that likely won’t get worn past the event.

Clients getting black custom t-shirts as giveaways at a tradeshow for Entripy Shops.

Seasonal Items

Want to give your attendees something unique and memorable? Why not tie it into the season? A custom toque is sure to be appreciated by attendees during the cold, winter months. Planning a summer event? Why not give out custom sunglasses that attendees can sport when they leave the conference centre and head out into bright daylight. Giving attendees something unexpected for the season is sure to be appreciated by attendees.