When Is It Time To Change Your Company Logo?

Entripy Custom Clothing logo.

Importance of a Logo

Your logo is what defines you as a company. It’s what your customers and the public associate with your name and product. How dare we talk about changing it? The truth is most companies do change their logo at least once, and for good reasons.

Here are 5 great reasons to change your company’s logo:

Different versions of Starbucks logos that changed over the years.

Major company changes

Branding genius Starbucks has changed their logo four times since 1971, but the last major change occurred in 2011 when the company removed “Starbucks Coffee” from their logo. The change was meant to signify that the company was now offering more than just coffee. In this case, changing your logo lets customers know about changes in direction while still keeping the integrity of the brand.

An outdated design

Remember how many logos used swooshes in the 90s to emulate Nike’s popular logo? While your logo may have been trendy at the time, the use of some fonts, shapes or colour combinations today can make your company look behind the times. Even some of the world’s strongest logos, such as Apple, have made changes to adapt to the times. For a logo that stands the test of time, avoid being too trendy and opt for clean, simple designs.

Technical issues with your logo

If your logo doesn’t adapt well to modern media or is difficult to print onto custom t-shirts, you may want to consider a logo change. Logos with many curves, for example, are difficult to embroider and logos that have more than three colours or have complex patterns may not be able to be screen printed and have to rely on the more costly method of digital printing.

Client wearing custom sweatshirt with company logo printed on full back.

Logo stands out

How does your logo stand out amongst your competitors? If your logo fades into the background, changing it may help you to stand out amongst the crowd. But be warned, the more loyal customers are to your brand, the more difficulty you might have in changing your logo. Case in point: In 2009, Tropicanagot rid of the familiar orange with the straw through it in favour of a simple glass of orange juice. The change confused loyal customers who couldn’t identify with the new brand. Sales dropped 20% in only two months, causing Tropicana to revert back to the old logo.

No longer represents your business

Entripy logos compared from the old custom clothing logo to the new one.

Often, companies will begin business doing one thing then branch out into new market segments. When this happens, a logo makeover is often needed in order to appeal to the new demographics and capture what your business is today and where you’re headed. A fresh, new design signifies to customers that the company of the past is growing and changing with the times. Entripy changed our company logo in 2006 to highlight the fact that we’re an online company. The Entripy.com logo replaced Entripy Custom Clothing’s logo but kept the t-shirt and royal blue as our primary colour.

How Entripy can help

Are you considering changing your company logo? Or maybe you’re a new business making a logo for the first time and are worried about how your logo will look on custom printed t-shirts and promotional products. Our design team has many years of experience working with logos and can help you choose the right design for your business.