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Struggling To Come Up With Ideas For Your Logo? These Tips Will Help!

Creating your own logo can be incredibly tough. It's as important as naming your business – you know that your logo will be a reflection of how you want to depict your company and it will become inexorably tied to your business and your brand.

Many will find it difficult to determine how to proceed when brainstorming ideas for logos. We put off committing to a logo and end up just using plain text. Know this though: for every day you put off using your own logo, you will be losing out on opportunities to promote yourself and to build your brand.

Take a look at these tips and you should find some inspiration that can help you to come up with something you'll be proud of and that will help your company gain the competitive advantage of creating brand awareness with a unique logo.

Tips to help create custom design or logos for custom products. Starting with a mood board for inspiration.

Make a Mood Board

Tip number one is to make a mood board. A mood board is collage essentially of images that have inspired you and that you like. Look at imagery relating to your industry or niche, look at examples of other logos that you think work well for their respective companies and look at web designs and general promotional imagery.

Once you've put all this imagery in one place, you might start to notice commonly reoccurring themes, or a general 'artistic direction'. You can then combine all these ideas into something unique.

Avoid clichés

One of the most important tools of all when creating logos is to avoid logo design clichés. These include anything that has been overplayed and that crops up in too many logos. For instance: speech bubbles, globes, ticks and light bulbs. These have all be used in so many logos that they look generic, derivative and almost like clipart.

Work with the text

The vast majority of logos will incorporate the company name and that will often mean coming up with a unique font. If you're not a professional designer, then making a unique font can be hard – so a tip is to use Font Squirrel or a similar site to get a free font, then to trace around it in Illustrator and change it to make it your own.

Example of smart text that can be used to print on custom t-shirts.

Another tip is to try working the images you think are relevant to your niche into the text. So if you have an 'O' then you could turn that into a black hole, a swirl, a cog or any manner of other things. Look at the letters that stand out in your company name and ask yourself how they could be warped into something interesting.


If you struggle still to come up with something original, then consider using custom logo design. Some companies will handle your custom logo design for you and even print it onto your promotional products as needed.


Got a logo design you like but isn't quite perfect? Apply Occam's razor and simplify. Simpler logos are almost always better, so often all you need to do is cut away some of excess to make something that looks more professional and is more versatile.