Top Uses for Custom T-Shirts

We get it. A t-shirt may not seem like it has any other use than just a simple item of clothing. But here at Entripy we believe a custom tee is so much more than that.

Custom t-shirts help you put your passions on display and showcase what you’re proud of. Whether you’re a business, charity, student group, or sports team, custom apparel is the perfect way to show your pride… and we bet you have a lot to be proud of!

Here is our list of the top uses for a custom t-shirt.


Custom printed t-shirts are an excellent way to promote your brand or business. Not only can branded apparel be worn by employees to promote, they can also be used as giveaways and prizes to attract clients.

When companies invest in stylish, branded custom apparel for their employees they can reach an enormous number of potential clients in an organic way. Your employees are now wearing your logo at the grocery store, in the gym, or out on the weekends. Having the public see your logo proudly worn by someone in a natural setting speaks volumes for your brand.

Custom t-shirts printed for corporate tradeshows. Cost-effective promotional giveaways.

Even if it may just be for wearing to the gym, a comfy customized tee is always a useful addition to the wardrobe. This is why a logo printed tee is so valuable, because the customer perceives it as an added benefit for interacting with you and your business. Businesses can give away custom t-shirts along with other promotional products at tradeshows, with product purchases or in a range of other scenarios.

It allows you another opportunity to have someone wear your logo proudly and recall the pleasant experience they had working with you. When they wear your logo, they will feel like a part of your business community – and that will only help to increase loyalty and reviews further.

Event Staff and Volunteers

Having event customized t-shirts for your staff and volunteers can be a huge help to you and your team. Custom tees make your events team easily identifiable if an attendee has a question, needs help, or in case of an emergency. Check out how our friends at Youth Day Toronto rocked their event tees in a bright Safety Orange colour.

Custom t-shirts are also a wonderful way to thank your volunteers for their time and effort. At the end of the event, they are left with the perfect souvenir to take home and be proud of the contributions they made to their community.

Custom t-shirts printed for groups that are performing at their schools.

Running an event can be very high stress for everyone – so wearing a t-shirt to remind you of your purpose or charitable initiative can be helpful in getting through the busy day.

Sports Teams and Fan Gear

It’s no surprise that team gear shows up in our list of top uses for custom t-shirts. While an athletic uniform may already be supplied to your players, custom t-shirts are the perfect way for your team to stay unified and proud when it isn’t game day, during practice, or even off the field. Giving your team a chance to wear their team name when they’re not in game mode can help develop a sense that it is more than just a sports team, but a unit or a family.

Making custom gear available to your fans can also develop the team spirit in the bleachers as well! It’s also a great way to fundraise for team equipment or other expenses that come with running a sports team.


Gift cards and chocolates can only impress so many times. Why not buy something personalized and meaningful for the next gift you give? A custom t-shirt is a fun way to show you put a little extra thought into your gift.

A funny inside joke, a photo of the lucky “giftee”, or their nickname on sleeve are all awesome examples of how to customize a t-shirt can put a smile on the face of your friends or loved ones.

Special Occasions

From family reunions to bachelor/bachelorettes to weddings, custom t-shirts are a perfect way to add a personalized touch to a special day. While they are worn on the special day to bring everyone together, they make for an excellent keepsake to remember the occasion.

For ideas on how to incorporate custom apparel into your wedding day, check out our blog posts here.

There are countless other ways that custom t-shirts can be used to benefit you. Tweet us @Entripy and tell us how you have used custom t-shirts to showcase your pride!