Top 5 Social Media Holidays You Can Design Custom Tees For

Top 5 Social media holidays you can design custom tees for

The Hot Social Media Holidays to Design Customs Shirts For

If you're the type of person who likes to commemorate every possible occasion with customized apparel, then you're in luck. The craziest things can get popular on social media if the right person retweets it, and things like funky new holidays and fun celebrations are pretty easy to get off the ground.

To help you figure out what you can design for, we've picked out some of the best social media holidays.

Our Top Five Favourites

Here's our list of the top five holidays you can celebrate with customized clothing:

1. Winter holidays: Everyone has something they celebrate over the coldest time of the year to keep their spirits up. Specially designed clothing is a great way to knock presents off your winter gifting list as you make sure to include everyone in the holiday spirit and warmth of the season. Personalized sweatshirts can beat out the cold weather and let your friends know that you remember the holiday occasions most important to them. It's tough to find holiday merchandise for celebrations that aren't as big as Christmas, which can make that caring gift even more special.

2. Author's Day, November 1: From "Anne of Green Gables" to "Love You Forever," everyone has a book that's made a difference in their lives. Carrying a piece of their work around with you in the form of a quote, an image or some inspirational idea is a wonderful way to celebrate the authors who have changed your life. If you create your own t-shirt with a quote that changed the way you think, live and dream, you might even have the chance to introduce someone to something entirely new.

3. National Pet Day, April 11: You never stop loving your furry best bud even when they're stealing your chair, food or socks. Celebrate #NationalPetDay with personalized t-shirts for you and for everyone who loves the cute roommate in their lives. National Pet Day is the perfect opportunity to immortalize one of your pet's funniest moments, and when that same beloved companion inevitably pees on, eats part of or somehow otherwise destroys your t-shirt, you can recycle it into a pillow for them to love.

Customise your National Pet Day t-shirts for you and for everyone who loves the cute roommate in their lives.

4. First day of fall, September 22: Canada is recognized worldwide for its gorgeous fall foliage, and it's easy to see why. The absolutely riotous colour display is like a homegrown set of glorious fireworks, each one worthy of celebration. "Fall" for fall all over again with stylish, autumn-inspired, customized hoodies.

Covering yourself in the bright colours of a gorgeous fall day can help boost your mood way up, and a comfortable jacket will keep you warm even as the temperatures start to drop.

5. Star Wars Day, May 4: The Star Wars fan in your life is definitely going to be celebrating #StarWarsDay this year, so May the Fourth be with you and with them.

Do you know their favourite character from the series? Make them a t-shirt telling them that they're the best Jedi in the galaxy.

Get them some personalized clothing as a May the Fourth gift, and be glad they're not having you celebrate Life Day instead.

Customise your favorite Star Wars tshirt while celebrating #StarWarsDay this year. Get them some personalized clothing as a May the Fourth gift, and be glad they're not having you celebrate Life Day instead.

A Holiday for Every Other Month of the Year

We're pretty proud of our top five picks, but there's way more to celebrate in a year than seasonal changes and holidays, cute animals in Jedi costumes or great books. If you're the type of person who likes to celebrate year-round, here are seven more holidays we think you might enjoy.

January 20: Cheese Lovers Day

If you love something, why not put it on a custom tee? For #CheeseLoversDay, you can design a shirt with a standard plate of cheese or go for something a little more informational, like different cheeses with captions about their origins.

February 9: National Pizza Day

#NationalPizzaDay is a pretty big deal. Take it as a chance to put out a design for your pizza shop with a head-turning logo, or design your own t-shirt to promote your favourite slice.

March 14: Pi Day

If you're a mathematician, a pie lover, a baker, or all of the above, #PiDay is the day for you. Do all of your friends have a favourite type of pie? Is there some bad math pun you've been waiting to use? Get radical and make your own t-shirt designed around the day that celebrates the part of math we love most: food.

June's First Friday: National Donut Day

#NationalDonutDay comes around every first Friday in June, so feel free to do a different custom tee featuring your top donut pick every year. You can wear it as you stand in line to get a free donut from your local shop.

July 13: National French Fry Day

July is truly the best time to celebrate the outdoors and the food we love to eat under the big blue sky. #NationalFrenchFryDay is right in the middle of July, so get your custom t-shirts ready and put some burgers on the grill.

August 26: National Dog Day

While one of the best social media holidays ever is actually an internationally recognized day, the hashtag to use for social media is #NationalDogDay. Celebrate all those good boys and good girls, as well as the shelters that help them find their forever homes, by putting the cutest pup you can find on some custom apparel.

October 4: National Taco Day

Who doesn't love a good taco? #NationalTacoDay has you covered, so whether you're on Team Soft Shell or Team Hard Shell, you can customize your clothes to match your favourite condiments and culinary taco creations.

Customize your clothes to match your favourite condiments and culinary taco creations this National Taco day.

Keeping the Celebratory Spirit Alive

If you're the sort of person who can't wait for a holiday, consider keeping tabs on big changes in your friends' lives, like engagements, baby showers and major anniversaries. Designing your own gift for a friend's momentous occasion guarantees that your present will be personalized, unique and memorable.

Good holidays can bring people together, and great holidays can inspire you to go out and create something new.