Small Business Support: Relaunching Your Business During a Pandemic

Businesses Reopening in Ontario

This year has been far from ordinary. And for businesses it has definitely been a tough and unexpected year so far. But not all hope is lost.

The Canadian government has been slowly working towards reopening the economy by allowing certain businesses to open up their doors once again. This is being done in an effort to getting back to sense of normalcy, as COVID-19 begins to slow down. After weeks of intense social distancing this is a huge move that is a cause for celebration, but also a time to strategize and figure out how your business fits into this new update.

For some of you, starting your business back up doesn’t necessarily mean business as usual. Lot’s of changes have been made and your business has to adjust and adapt to this accordingly. Although things may different this season, at Entripy we’re still committed to helping your business and brand thrive, no matter how unusual the circumstances may be. As a fellow small business, we want to help you out and share some of our advice and knowledge with you, as you move forward with opening your business once again.

What’s Changed

Though certain businesses have been given the go ahead to reopen, it won’t necessarily be business as usual. Social distancing is still essential to ensure we can continue to slow down the spread. That means that your business will need to adapt to a new way of operating.

This includes:

Providing the proper and necessary protective equipment for your employees – Make sure your employees are safe and protected by providing them with the necessary PPE like, masks, gloves, sanitizer, and wipes. You could even go as far as installing plastic shields or barriers that keep employees at a safe distance from customers.

Putting up social distancing signs - Examples are, signs that tell customers to stay six feet apart in lines and advising customers to avoid touching products unless they plan to purchase them.

Replacing in store visits with curbside pickup or appointment-only visits - Contactless delivery and pickup options have become the norm since social distancing has come into effect. This option limits person-to-person interaction, while allowing customers to get quick access to their purchases without waiting for shipping times.

What All This Means for Your Business

Think of reopening your business more as a relaunch. You’ll still be operating with your regular products and services, but you will need to make room for new practices and ways of doing business. There is no one-size fits all solution to these uncertain times. Recognize how your business is affected by this situation and put forward a plan on how you will respond.

Here’s a little guide on how you can start planning your relaunch:

1. Lay the groundwork for reopening safely – What measures do you need to put in place to ensure the safety of your customers and clients?

2. Implement safety measures – Have masks, sanitizer, wipes and gloves readily available for your employees and customers.

3. Communicate with your team – Have an open conversation with your employees to communicate the new practices that are being implemented to keep them safe. Also, make sure to convey these messages to your customers, so they understand how your business is adjusting to this situation.

4. Be adaptable – This is only the beginning and as we continue to move forward new changes may be announced. Relaunch your business with an adaptable mindset and know that what works today, may not work in a couple of weeks or months.

The Future in Mind

These new announcements are a glimmer of hope for all businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. Taking proactive measures before reopening your business showcases your dedication to the health and safety of your customers and community members. And at Entripy, we’re always here for you because the only way through this is together.