Graphic Design Trends To Lookout for in 2019

Graphic Design Trends for 2019

Graphic Design Trends: What Will We See in 2019?

It can be hard to predict what will capture the public’s eye when it comes to graphic design. From magazine ads to custom t-shirts, graphic design styles influence the way we see the world. Excellent graphic design creates images and logos that imprint themselves on our minds and make them difficult to forget.

Some styles are timeless while other trends become all the rage only to quickly fade away. Here are some graphic design trends that we think will be worth watching out for in 2019.


Gradients are subtle transitions from light to dark or from one colour to another that span across an image. In the natural world, you might think of the sky at sunset, changing from yellow to orange to purple with the colours stretching out before your eyes. The power of the gradient is that by design it naturally forces your eye to scan the image. This provides a unique sense of energy to a still picture.

In current designs, traditional transitions from black to white or from one complementary colour to another are popular. More recently, designers have been using gradients between clashing colours, like a green to pink gradient, to create jarring designs that demand attention. Another trend that has come out of the world of computer design is a triple gradient that shifts between three different colours or from one colour to a second one and back again.

Holographic Design

Sometimes, two dimensions are not enough. 3D technology in movies, television, and video games has led to a return of the hologram as a tool for design. A hologram is formed by lasers hitting a special film at two angles, simulating vision with both eyes. This process gives depth to the image. Many science fiction movies predict a future with holograms as an integral part of communication and advertising. So, using a hologram in a design is associated with a high-tech style.

Holographic design can involve physical images like those that are commonly found on credit cards or drivers' licences. This is especially the case with an image rendered on a flat surface, like a card or poster, where the viewer can easily view the image from different angles. On custom apparel, holograms can produce a light-infused texture that changes as you observe it from different viewpoints or as the wearer moves, creating a fluid light show.


Gold has long symbolized luxury. Silver gives an air of sophistication to a room or an object. Artists have used these metals in design for centuries, creating pieces associated with wealth and class.

In modern graphic design, the use of metallics comes from the fashion runways of Paris and New York. As metallic fabrics were introduced into the fashion palette, designers appreciated the way that they played with the light, shimmering and reflecting with the motion of the clothing.

Today a gold, silver, or other metallic look is much more accessible to the general public. If you are interested in experimenting with metallics, we can help you customize your clothes with our metallic inks.

Bold Typography

Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns are the simplest. A single word in bold type can make for a powerful logo. A simple phrase in large letters creates a sense of volume, speaking the message loudly. Bold typography does not expect an argument or allow for debate. It simply declares its message with the understanding that what you are reading is important.

We expect that bold typography will be a trend in graphic design as long as messages need to be spoken clearly and directly. If you know exactly what you want to say, try incorporating this style in your personalized clothing.

Negative Space and Minimalism

Negative space has long been an artist’s tool in composition. By having space in a design with minimal clutter, it draws the viewer’s attention to more active parts of the image. Minimalism gives a sense of simplicity and authenticity to a design, implying that there are no surprises, no games, and no gimmicks necessary. What you see is what you get with a minimalist style.

When you let us help you create your own t-shirt, you can decide whether you want to go with the starkness of a traditional, black-and-white minimalist design or go in a different direction. Pairing complementary colours with minimalist simplicity, you can make a design that pops off your clothing and shares your message.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

We live in the digital age where every person spends time looking at images on a screen. We also live in an age where artisanal work is appreciated. Think of the number of times you hear words like “handcrafted” or “homemade” as a selling point. A hand-drawn image celebrates the creativity of an artist. It gives the design a personal touch that can be folksy, daring, or sophisticated, depending on the artists’ unique style.

For the graphic designer, this is a time of experimentation. You might find a hand-drawn image used as a decorative overlay on a photograph. Hand-drawn strokes might be used to enhance a digital logo. Another popular use is a hand-drawn rendering of an existing digital logo, combining the best of both digital design and artisanal skill. Consumers who want to create truly custom-printed clothing might want to consider working with this style.

These are just some of the exciting graphic design trends we expect to see in 2019. If you are interested in experimenting with them, we are happy to help you design your own t-shirt or another piece of apparel.