Top Advantages Of Using One Colour Design For Printing Your Custom T-Shirts

When creating custom t-shirts, you can be very generous when it comes to the chromatic aspect of your artwork and blend a multitude of nuances into your personalized design. But what if you prefer a minimalist approach to designing your t-shirts? If this is the case, you can go for the one colour design for your custom t-shirts. Here is a look at all the advantages you can gain when you opt for a one colour design for your custom t-shirts.

Designs are clear and eye-catching

Custom t-shirts which feature easy-to-read designs can have the most powerful impact. They are simple, clean, straight-to-the-point and they can make a deep impression on any viewer. On the other hand, custom t-shirts which are too complicated might be difficult to read and understood by others. In the event that you need a custom T-shirt to feature wordings that can look the most visible over a longer distance, one colour designs can help to create the best effect for this.

Easier to match with the background colour

The default colour for custom t-shirts is usually white, but if you want your t-shirts to stand out from the crowd, you might want to choose another background colour. However, if your artwork features many nuances and colours, they might not match well with your chosen background colour. On the other hand, one colour designs can easily be used on custom t-shirts which feature any colour as the selected background colour. After all, all you need to do is to make sure that your sole printing colour complements your shirt's colour!

Cost effective

Another important advantage of one colour artworks for custom t-shirts is that they are cost effective. When creating personalized apparel such as custom jerseys and sweatshirts, the artwork, colours, and quality of the shirt material are factors which can influence the final price. If you go for a very complicated and colourful artwork, you might be raising the total costs of your custom t-shirts (especially if you are using screen printing). On the other hand, if you use just a single colour, your t-shirts will be more cost effective to produce. You will be saving money with one colour designs, particularly when you are buying custom t-shirts in bulk.

Print accuracy compared to complex designs

Screen-printing machines completing custom t-shirt orders with a customized logo. Small to large quantity can be printed.

The manufacturing process of custom t-shirts is not rocket science, but if you use extremely complex artworks then it will be a little harder for manufacturing companies to print them on a piece of fabric as accurately as possible. Of course, this does not apply to all manufacturing companies.

For instance, Entripy has a modern facility with state-of-the-art printing machinery that can create both simple designs and complex designs equally well. Whether you go for one-colour designs or multi-colour complex designs,

Entripy can manufacture custom apparel with any type of design in the guaranteed 5-day turnaround time frame and with the same outstanding quality.

Less is More

Minimalism is more than an interior design concept. Minimalism has been trending in every area of our lives – from website interfaces to package designs of your favourite brands, to lifestyle choices and even to the design of your custom t-shirts.

The minimalist trend emerged in the 1950s in the visual art community, but entered mainstream culture in the 2000s as people discovered having an excess of "stuff" wasn't making them happy. They found paring down their belongings allowed them to focus on what was most important in life.

Simply speaking, minimalism pares down an object to its bare essentials, focusing only on the most important elements. Turning a multi-colour print into a one-colour print is a great way to tap into this minimalist trend.