COVID-19 & Face Masks – Your Top 4 Questions Answered

Masks in the Workplace

COVID-19 has completely altered the way businesses operate and one of the most significant changes is our practices in relation to health and safety. Whether it’s your employees or your customers, operating your business in this environment requires every employer to take the initiative to protect everyone that is in contact with their business.

At Entripy, we personally had to make important changes to our business model to ensure that the health and safety of our employees and clients was taken into account. This included work from home policies, regular sanitization procedures and equipping our employee with the necessary PPE like masks.

If you’re still feeling a little lost about how to get your business ready to reopen or need some more advice on prepping your business to be COVID ready, then we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll be going over the top four questions that are on business owners’ minds about health and safety in this new environment.

1.If the general public is required to wear masks, how will I recognize my employees from the crowd?

Government officials around the globe and especially in Canada have recommended that the general public wear masks in public settings where social distancing is hard to maintain. With everyone wearing masks, it can become difficult to recognize or distinguish your employees from the crowd. As a company that specializes in branded apparel, we thought very hard about how employers could respond to this concern. And that’s why we started to produce custom masks that can be branded and personalized with your company logo.

Social distancing is unfortunately here to stay, so masks will become a necessary addition to every uniform. Just like you would customize branded t-shirts for your employees, having branded face masks will keep your employees safe, while also ensuring they stand out from the general public and are recognizable as your employee.

2. Should I provide my customers/clients with masks?

When thinking about reopening or adapting your business, the health and safety of your customers is just as important as your employees. In certain workplaces where social distancing is especially hard to maintain, such as retail stores or small spaces, it would be beneficial to provide masks for your customers. Cloth masks are sufficient protection for the general public, so consider having a few on hand in case a customer asks for one or if you would like to provide them as an extra precaution to your visitors to keep them safe.

3.Can cloth face masks be re-used?

Absolutely! One of the perks of cloth face coverings is that you can wash and reuse them. This is the perfect alternative to disposable face masks within your workplace because you will waste less and be able to ensure that your employees always have the necessary PPE available to them. When reopening your business, it’s a good practice to provide the necessary training on mask etiquette for your employees. We put together a guide on how to properly wash your face masks, read more about it here!

4.Why do I need face masks for my employees?

This is one of the most important and avidly discussed question. Masks are an important addition to your return to work strategy for all employees because they are a recommended form of PPE. Policies on face masks are being widely implemented because government and health officials have found that wearing masks help to prevent the transmission of coronavirus between individuals in public settings. By providing your employees with face masks, you’re not only protecting your workforce, but also your customers and the general public.

Key Takeaways

As more businesses are being given the go ahead to reopen their businesses, it is important that every employer properly strategizes as to how they will respond to this new environment. New policies and protocols are emerging constantly, and masks are now considered a vital part of every business’s operations. Do your part to protect your community and your employees.