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8 Ways To Reward Your Customers Beyond The Holiday Season

We love our customers sign on a custom promo item.

‘Tis the season for giving. Around this time of year, it’s common practice for companies to send out holiday cards or offer seasonal promotions to thank their clients for their business. While the holiday season is a nice time to tell your customers you appreciate them, showing your gratitude year-round will make sure your company is top of mind during every season, and boost brand loyalty as well.

Send a Personal Note

It’s surprising how rarely this method of expressing gratitude is used, but because of its rarity, you’re sure to get noticed if you take the time to do this. A handwritten thank you card touches people on a personal level and makes them feel special and appreciated.

Start a Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program is one of the easiest and most common ways to reward your customers on a regular basis. Earlier this year, Entripy partnered with Air Miles Rewards Program to reward our loyal customers for purchasing custom apparel with us. Customers can collect Air Miles on every purchase (1 mile for every $40 spent) and regular bonus mile offers throughout the year on select custom apparel or promotional items allow our customers to collect those miles even faster. Loyalty programs are a great way to get your customers excited about doing business with you.

Entripy employees displaying Air Miles Get Rewarded sign with yellow custom t-shirts.

Put Your Customers in the Spotlight

Featuring your customers on your website or giving them a shoutout on Twitter are simple ways to make your customers feel valued and special. People love to be recognized and putting their names in the spotlight is a great way to show your appreciation. At Entripy, we love to profile our clients on our blog and talk about how they are using their Entripy-made custom apparel. One example is this story on our client, Ringette Alberta. Our client appreciated the attention and shared the story with their members.

Host a VIP Event

VIP events make your most loyal customers feel appreciated and special. Inviting customers to get a sneak peak of your newest products, or an exclusive back-stage tour of your facility are great ways to build a greater connection to your customers. Don’t forget to provide your invited guests with a custom gift bag filled with swag as a keepsake.

Start a Referral Program

A referral program not only helps you acquire new customers but turns your customers into brand advocates. Referral discounts or free gifts in exchange for referring a friend to your company gives customers a reason to talk about you with their friends. Entripy offers a $25 discount to customers who refer us to a new customer, plus the new customer gets $25 off their order as well if they tell us who referred them.

Give Some Custom Swag

Everyone loves getting free stuff, especially if it’s unexpected. Surprising your customers by adding a small customized gift to their purchase not only makes your customers happy but increases brand exposure when your customers use your custom promo giveaway item over and over again in their daily lives.

Entripy regularly provides customers with a surprise gift with purchase. Our most recent was our special edition Canada Day custom t-shirts. We included a free Canada Day t-shirt in every customers’ order during the month of June and asked our customers to wear their Canada Day custom t-shirts proudly on Canada Day. Customers appreciated the gesture and some even took to social media to spread the word about the special giveaway.

Canada Day custom t-shirts given out to people walking on the street in Toronto.

Host a Contest

A contest is a great way to encourage customers to engage with your company and reward them for doing so. A contest doesn’t mean you have to give away an expensive vacation, it can simply be an opportunity to be part of something your brand represents. A great example of a successful contest that didn’t involve a cash prize is Dove’s Real Beauty Should Be Shared Contest. Entrants were asked to send a picture of themselves and a friend and tell Dove why their friend was beautiful. The winners of the contest became the next faces of Dove.

Seek Opinions from Your Customers

If you’re launching a new product or service, asking customers to become beta users is a great way to boost their brand loyalty and reward them for doing business with you. Simply being asked to provide their opinions and feedback gives your customers a feeling of being a stakeholder in the company, especially when you tell them that improvements were made based on their feedback.