Get To Know Our Clients: Ringette Alberta

Ringette Alberta players wearing custom sweatshirt and custom t-shirts at ringette game.

If you haven’t tried ringette, you don’t know what you’re missing. A popular sport in Western and Northern Canada, ringette was created in 1963 by Sam Jacks of North Bay, who recognized a need for a team sport for girls.

Rubber rings and stick displayed on the ice rink for the Ringette sport.

Like hockey, ringette is played on an ice surface with six players on each team. However, instead of a hockey puck, ringette uses a rubber ring and straight sticks. Ringette does not involve the use of intentional body contact and this sport is super fast! A 30-second shot clock starts when a team gains possession of the ring and if they don’t take a shot within 30 seconds, the ring is rewarded to the opposing team. While ringette is a primarily female sport, there are several male ringette teams across the country.

Ringette Alberta

Ringette Alberta was formed in 1976. The organization’s purpose is to provide high quality programs and services to member associations to enhance the sport of ringette throughout the province of Alberta with the goal of making ringette the #1 sport of choice for female athletes.

Ringette Alberta became an Entripy client earlier this year when they opened an EntripyShop, an online e-commerce store that allows organizations to outfit their members in custom spirit wear without the hassle of distributing order forms and collecting cash. Members can choose from a wide variety of custom apparel items including custom t-shirts, embroidering sweatshirts, custom embroidered jackets and accessories that are customized using the association’s pre-approved logos. Organizations receive a royalty payment of 10% of their spirit wear sales back to their organization. While that royalty payment is typically used to help organizations purchase new equipment or attend tournaments, Ringette Alberta chose to use their custom spirit wear royalty to give back to a community in need.

EntripyShops store created by Ringette Alberta for their custom apparel.

Ringette Alberta Gives Back to a Community in Need

After the devastating Fort McMurray wildfires, Ringette Alberta organized a campaign to assist impacted ringette families with replacing their lost or damaged equipment. The association’s Rally ‘Round the Rink campaign collected $8,805.32 in monetary donations to the Fort McMurray Ringette Association and Sport for the North which helps equip Fort McMurray athletes in need.

Ringette Alberta management wearing their custom apparel & showcasing custom promo products.

Ringette Alberta used their EntripyShops custom spirit wear royalty payment of $1,280, towards their donation. “Since the royalty dollars from Entripy were unexpected funds, we decided to put the entire royalty cheque towards this campaign,” says Kristen McWatters, former player development coordinator at Ringette Alberta.

The donated funds will help to offset expenses for Fort McMurray Ringette as the transition back to the rink has been difficult for this community. As well, as the most isolated ringette association in Alberta, Fort McMurray ringette teams ensure extra costs to travel to major regions such as Edmonton for their tournaments.

Entripy would like to thank Ringette Alberta for setting a wonderful example for all Canadian sports associations of what it means to be a community.