5 Reasons Why A Custom T-Shirt Is Better Than A Business Card

A custom tshirt giveaway to people rather than business cards.

You want to promote your business in a way that is noticed and retained by more potential customers, but it may surprise you to learn that custom apparel can be more effective at this than business cards.

Consider the life of a business card. You buy a pack of business cards and put them in a holder on the counter. Some of these cards are picked up by customers, and others are handed out by you or your staff. In some cases, a customer will place the card in their wallet or another safe location to be referenced later. More often than not, though, the card ends up on the sidewalk or in the trash with other clutter.

Creating a Dynamic Custom T-Shirt Versus a Dynamic Business Card

Most professionals still carry around standard, run-of-the-mill business cards, and we all know how effective those are. Occasionally, companies will try a little harder to create a unique, attention-grabbing business card. These cards can get more attention because customers may be more motivated to share them with others.

However, a T-shirt is never stuck in a pocket only to be seen when it is intentionally shown to others by a customer. A printable custom T-shirt is going to get worn and be noticed by others wherever the wearer goes. And, creating a personalized T-shirt isn't that hard.

Consider the nature of your business and how you want it represented. Ask for input from your family, friends, and employees.

If you're looking to design your own T-shirt graphics, read our blog post "Design Tools for Non-Designers" for help getting started. Coordinate the graphics, text, and typography to enhance the overall design and the excitement that you are trying to create for your business. As we often like to point out, visual images such as your custom logo will be retained faster and more effectively than a standard line of text featuring the name of your business.

Business Cards can easily end up in trash while tshirts will live longer

For assistance with the typography, check out our blog post entitled "Choosing the Right Type Font for your Custom T-shirt Design."

If you're struggling to find the perfect look, you could even have a T-shirt design contest for your customers and pick three designs that you like. Then, let your customers vote on the designs. The three selected designers could receive a custom printed T-shirt with their design on it along with gift certificates or other prizes.

Spreading Your Brand Messaging on a Custom T-Shirt Versus a Business Card

Start by testing this idea yourself. Lay a 3.5-by-2-inch business card on the counter beside a T-shirt. Which item gets your attention?

The counter test between the business card and the T-shirt should give you an idea of which item will be more noticeable and will likely deliver your brand messaging more effectively.

The Life of a T-Shirt

Business cards seldom make a lasting impression because they're only seen by the recipient and they're visually bland for the most part. T-shirts are just the opposite.

Give a customer a customized T-shirt as part of a promotion, and you've given them something that they can wear that will be seen by everyone around them.

Your name and branding message will receive a lot more exposure on a custom printed T-shirt, and the recipient is also far more likely to remember your business information and make a positive association with your brand. This can help ensure future business and a positive working relationship.

A person wearing a blue custom polo tshirt during business meeting

Long Live the T-Shirt

The reality is your customized T-shirt will last longer than the business card or any other form of advertising that you do. Print and media ads are fleeting, and if a business card was handled as much as a T-shirt is worn, the business card would show the wear.

So, if you want to keep your business in the thoughts of your customers and have them share your branding message with everyone around them, give them a personalized T-shirt. It's way more affordable than purchasing billboard space, and it may even be more effective.