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Aluminum Plastic Polypropylene Ceramic
Bullet Entripy Promo Debco N3 Sport Kanata Blanket Co. The Authentic T-shirt Company BIC
Sale Products
Sale Products


Available in 8 Colours


Tradeshow Classics Lanyardz

Available in 10 Colours


Simple Sleeve Smart Phone Wallet

Available in 6 Colours


Rally Towel

Available in 1 Colour


9 Led Flashlight

Available in 4 Colours


Retro Sunglasses

Available in 8 Colours


Sun Ray Sunglasses

Available in 12 Colours


Even Writer Square Notebook

Available in 7 Colours


Luzerne Letterbook 6 Ring Memo Book

Available in 2 Colours


Jakarta Notebook

Available in 4 Colours


Lil' Sticky Notes Book

Available in 9 Colours


Basketball Stress Reliever

Available in 1 Colour


Hard Shell Case for iPhone® 6

Available in 2 Colours


8Gb Infomate Flash Drive

Available in 3 Colours


Ul Certified 2200 Mah Plastic Power Bank

Available in 9 Colours


The Handyman Locking Tape Measure

Available in 5 Colours


City Mover Folding Umbrella

Available in 2 Colours


Golf Umbrella

Available in 3 Colours


Non Woven Two Bottle Wine Bag

Available in 4 Colours


Dynamic Headphones

Available in 4 Colours


KANATA Velvafur Throw

Available in 4 Colours


The Raver Blinking Wrist Strap

Available in 6 Colours


Non Woven Promotional Apron

Available in 8 Colours


5-Inch Flyer

Available in 15 Colours

Harness the power of advertising with customized promo products

A great way to enhance brand awareness is to use promotional products. Thanks to Entripy, publicizing your company or organization is both fun and practical.

The idea is simple: have a range of items featuring your logo and give them to existing and prospective clients as a marketing tool. These items are immediately engaging and are sure to attract attention. These personalized promo products are often used time and time again, giving your company continued brand exposure. These promo products are perfect for every sector and industry with items such as custom corkscrews, Frisbees, umbrellas and USB sticks.

They are eye-catching

Because these promo items are quirky and different, they immediately grab people’s attention. If your company is at a conference or trade fair, personalized goodies are a great way to engage people. These personalized items are eye-catching and fun. The initial impression of your organization will be positive and promo items such as customized stationery and key tags will serve as a continual reminder of your company - keeping your firm in the forefront of clients’ minds is key to driving further business.

Popular items - Fitness and recreation

If your brand is sporty or dynamic, associating your company with exercise is a great idea to target your core audience. Checkout our flyers and jump ropes. These can be emblazoned with your company’s logo and sporty types will love to get their hands on them. Entripy also offer customizable golf accessories, including ball holders and pouches. These are very practical for golf lovers and can be used time and time again, giving your company prolonged exposure to your target audience. Useful items like these indicate that your company is in tune with what customers want and need.

Popular items - Stationary

Stationery covers some classic promo products and for good reason – stationery is almost always kept. We offer a range of note pads from simple to elegant to artistic. For a great value customized option, try the Simple Scratch Mini Notebook and for a creative design, consider the Surrealist Colour Edge Notebook. We also offer some highly useful and innovative tablet holders, including the Padfolio which is both a protective case for your tablet and a smart business portfolio.

Popular items - Technology

Some of the most useful and immediately engaging promo products are technological. We all love receiving gadgets, especially if the technology is current. Entripy offers a range of customized technology products including USB sticks, Bluetooth speakers and iPhone cases. If your company is technologically minded, associate your brand with these great products and your clients will know that you understand the business.

Promo products for your specific industry

Entripy offer a wide range of products ready to be personalized with your company’s logo but make sure to choose your products carefully. If, for example, you run a member’s only golf course, consider customized golf umbrellas as a practical and visual reminder of your membership offers. If you run a beauty salon and want to bring back former clients, why not send them manicure sets with your company’s logo and details on them? If you run a wine merchants or catering company, create your own special corkscrews and wine coolers and send them to existing and prospective clients.

Personalized promo products are a great, direct way of reminding people who you are and what you do. Make people think about giving you more business by giving them something that immediately engages them and that can be used time and time again. If you need help on choosing and designing your customized promo products so they fit your particular brand, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.