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Custom Clothing Experts, Entripy Help Raptors Fans Say It Like Jack!

Raptors broadcaster Jack Armstrong is known for his quick wit and Brooklyn accent, and now, thanks to Entripy, fans will be able to wear Jack’s most famous sayings.


While Raptors fans are used to hearing the front-loaded “Hello!” after a great play, what many don’t know is that the phrase is what Jack and his Brooklyn pals would call out to to a pretty girl walking by. “You’d go Hello!, like wow, I’m blown away,” says Jack, who now uses the phrase in response to a great play on the court.

Get That Garbage Outta Here!

“Growing up playing in schoolyards, if someone blocked your shot, you’d yell a certain four letter word that we can’t use on a family show,” says Jack, who on air replaced this word with “garbage”. “Get that garbage outta here” has become his signature phrase.

Shamrock Jack

Although born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jack’s parents were Irish immigrants. “I look at what I was able to accomplish and what my older brothers were able to accomplish, the opportunities that were afforded to us, that’s why my parents came,” says Jack, adding that he loves a good pint on occasion.

Jack Armstrong T-Shirts Available Now!

The line of Jack Armstrong custom t-shirts is available at Each shirt sells for $20 and features Armstrong’s signature on the inside tag.

“I hope that folks enjoy them,” says Armstrong of the t-shirts. “I’m honoured that people would have the enthusiasm to wear them and buy them.”

About Entripy Custom Clothing Since 1999, Entripy has been a leader in Canada’s custom apparel industry. Entripy screenprints over 4 million custom t-shirts each year from its state-of-the-art 35,000 square foot facility in Oakville, Ontario and counts as its clients some of Canada’s largest corporations including MLSE. To speak with Entripy, the official custom apparel partner of the Toronto Raptors, please email