Why Supplier Diversity Is Good for Business

Entripy partners with diverse company for their custom apparel.

A lot has been said about the benefits of promoting diversity in Canadian workplaces, but how much attention does your business pay to the diversity in your supply chain? As a custom apparel supplier and a proudly diverse Canadian organization, we did some research to scope out the business case for ordering custom apparel and promotional products from a supplier that is culturally diverse.

Over the past 15 years, aboriginal peoples and minorities have been starting businesses faster than the Canadian average, creating employment opportunities in communities and boosting the Canadian economy. While many workplaces recognize the importance of promoting diversity as part of their corporate social responsibility policy, they have traditionally spent less attention on promoting diversity in their procurement processes, such as sourcing custom t-shirts and promotional swag. But, this is soon changing. Organizations are now thinking differently about their procurement and are taking steps to ensure their supply chains are more inclusive. There are many good reasons to do this.

Connect with Customers

By working with diverse suppliers, your organization is more likely to be a reflection of the customers it serves. This may allow you to better connect with your customers and employees. Indo-Canadian organizations are often proud to be working with Entripy for their custom apparel orders. As Entripy was founded by an Indo-Canadian, these organizations often feel a cultural connection between their custom apparel and promotional products supplier and their own organization.

Promote Innovation

Diversity inspires innovation. Minority businesses are often able to think differently, be disruptive and approach business with a fresh approach. Entripy is certainly no exception, having disrupted the custom apparel industry and utilized innovation and technology to do so. Working with minority suppliers can enable your organization to be more innovative.

Reflect Your Corporate Values

If diversity and inclusion are part of your corporate values, including diversity in your procurement process is a way to show your stakeholders and employees that your company values diversity in all aspects of operations.

Be a Responsible Organization

Diverse companies working together and building their network in custom apparel industries.

By doing business with diverse organizations, you can help support local communities, strengthen the economy and promote economic growth. A 2016 report on supplier diversity from the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion showed a diverse workplace can improve employee engagement and improve community relationships.

Support Economic Growth

Working with diverse organizations is also good for your company’s finances. A 2017 report from the Center for International Governance Innovation showed diversity is good for Canadian companies’ bottom line. For every 1 per cent increase in ethno cultural diversity, companies saw an average of 2.4 per cent increase in revenue and a 0.5 per cent increase in productivity.

Entripy Gets CAMSC Certified

Entripy Custom Clothing is proud to announce that we are now a certified business with the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Suppliers Council, a non-profit membership organization that aims to promote supplier diversity in all industry segments. We were able to achieve this certification as over 51% of Entripy’s stakeholders represent minority groups.

“From day one, Entripy has been committed to equality.  With our diverse team, we have been providing clients with exceptional service and excellent quality custom t-shirts and swag for the last 18 years.  The Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) connects members who, too, value equality and take the initiative to be inclusive in their business practice to suppliers of diverse backgrounds,” says Nancy Woodfine, VP, Finance & Corporate Support.

Entripy got certified with CAMSC, a non-profit organization helping promote supplier diversity.

While Entripy has always been proud of the diversity across our entire organization; from our executive team to our client service team, our screen printers, embroidery department and warehouse team, the CAMSC certification recognizes our cultural inclusiveness and allows us to network with other companies that are also diverse, opening doors for us to reach out the fastest growing group of businesses in Canada.