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Why Cotton Is The Most Popular Fabric Used Worldwide

Did you know that 50% of all fabric produced in the world is cotton? If you have ever wondered why cotton is so popular, here are some of the reasons why.

Cotton has been used for thousands of years to provide clothing for a multitude of purposes. Created by taking the flower of Cotton plants, the natural fibre is put through a machine to separate the usable lint from the seed. The end product is a strong material suitable for manufacturing clothes. Strong and versatile, there are several reasons why cotton is so popular for clothing fabric and why it is Entripy’s number one choice for custom clothing and custom printing.

Bright coloured 100% cotton custom t-shirts printed with custom design or logo.


One of the great things about cotton is that it absorbs heat from your body and allows it to pass through the fabric to the air outside, which is a rare thing for a fabric to do. This means all our 100% cotton custom t-shirts keep you cool. What’s more, 100% cotton is a comfortable fabric that doesn’t irritate the skin. It feels soft and thanks to being thicker than other fabrics, it feels luxurious.


One of the reasons Entripy favours cotton for our custom work shirts and custom sports gear is that it is tough. If you and your staff are working long hours in an intensive job like in a factory, professional kitchen or a host of manual roles, your custom clothing needs to resist wear and tear.

What’s more, the molecular structure of cotton means that instead of becoming weaker when wet, it actually gets stronger. Unlike other fabrics like wool, this means our custom work clothes can be washed time and time again without the fabric or shape being damaged. Top manufacturers like the ones we use go to the effort of separating stronger mature cotton from the weaker immature cotton, meaning that your custom t-shirts, custom bottoms and custom sweatshirts are as strong as they come.

Custom Printing

We use cotton as our default fabric because it provides an excellent printing surface. Because cotton is a denser fabric than polyester, for example, it absorbs ink better which results in high quality printing so the logo on your custom uniform looks clearer and sharper. Bleeding (where the dye runs during the printing process) is less of an issue with cotton. Top quality is always what Entripy strives to deliver when it comes to all our products, from custom hoodies to custom hats. This is why we make sure we use manufacturers who produce only the finest cotton fabric so you have only the best when it comes to printing your own t-shirts.

Environmentally Friendly

No large-scale fabric production is 100% environmentally friendly but cotton production comes pretty close. Cotton is a renewable source of material as the plant regrows and can be replanted. Organic cotton is becoming increasingly prevalent which means that pesticides and harmful chemicals are not used on the plants. Just type in “organic” in the search bar and you will see our organic cotton custom t-shirts and bags. Another exciting development is reintroducing naturally coloured cotton that is naturally imbued with colour without having to dye it, which is another plus for the environment.

There are numerous benefits to cotton and it is little wonder why it is so popular. It is strong, versatile and comfortable. We are proud to offer the best quality cotton available for your custom clothing requirements.