What Are NAFTA Friendly Custom T-Shirts?

Alstyle NAFTA friendly white custom t-shirts on a group of females with a left and right chest custom logo.

You may have seen some of our custom t-shirts described as NAFTA Friendly. Items described as such have the advantage of conforming to the guidelines established by the NAFTA agreement.

NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. This agreement was set up in 1994 to facilitate free trade across Canada, Mexico and The USA. This accord means products can be bought and sold across the whole North American continent with no added sales tax.

What does it mean for our products?

Entripy custom clothing that conforms to the standards of the NAFTA agreement are exempt for customs duty, meaning they are more affordable when buying from abroad. Non-NAFTA products incur export taxes, pushing up prices for consumers abroad. For a product to be NAFTA Friendly, all stages of its production must take place within the free trade area.

It also means quality and locally sourced materials

The stipulations for the NAFTA agreement mean that any item that is NAFTA certified must have each step in its manufacturing process within North America. This is to promote trade between the three North American countries, so all can benefit. Unlike many other retailers, we strive to keep every single part of our operations, manufacturing and sourcing as local as possible, which is why we support NAFTA friendly custom t-shirts. This is good for Canadian jobs and is something we at Entripy fully support.

This means less travel time for raw materials, less cost, responsible and ethical sourcing and higher quality. We pass all this on to our customers at a reduced cost.

How to spot NAFTA-certified custom clothing on our site

We offer high quality custom t-shirts that adhere to export regulations. We are proud to provide both Canadian and international customers with high quality Alstyle custom t-shirts. Shirts with this certification are labelled “NAFTA Friendly”. Among the NAFTA Friendly range are muscle-t shirts, promo-t shirts and the classic Alstyle custom baseball jersey.

Navy blue and grey NAFTA friendly custom baseball t-shirt with custom logo.

Providing opportunities to Mexican and US customers

Any customer from outside Canada who wishes to buy a non-NAFTA certified item from our custom clothing range will incur extra costs to accommodate the export tariffs. If the product is NAFTA certified, there are no exports tariffs so all customers can enjoy the same low prices as our Canadian clientele.

What NAFTA Friendly products are available for?

Our Alstyle promo custom t-shirt is high quality 100% cotton, perfect for printing and publicizing your company at trade fairs and conferences. Our Alstyle custom baseball shirt is also 100% cotton and is perfect for your baseball or softball team. It is a highly customizable baseball jersey ready for your team’s logo, names and numbers. The classic style looks great on or off the pitch. Our Alstyle 100% cotton muscle tee is perfect for the gym or getting dirty under the hood of your car.

Alstyle NAFTA custom t-shirt of 100% cotton with high quality custom logo printing.

We support NAFTA products and are proud to offer them as part of our personalized t-shirt range. If you are looking for garments that are locally sourced, designed and manufactured, they are the perfect choice for your custom clothing requirements.