Unique Line of Stress Relieving Gadgets For You To Customize

Office accessories used as stress relievers and custom promotional products around the office.

We are all familiar with stress relievers and we know that they are not only fun and engaging, but also a fantastic promotional tool.

Entripy custom stress relievers are a fantastic promotional gift for your existing and potential clients. As part of gift bag at a conference or a gift for customers as they leave your shop or practice, these custom stress relievers always catch people’s attention. The best thing about them? They tend to be kept and can spend months and years sitting on your desk at work or on the kitchen table at home.

What exactly is a promo stress reliever?

A promo stress reliever is a small, handheld object made from foam, designed to be squeezed to relieve the symptoms of stress. They are used as fun toys and promotional items. With a company’s name and logo printed on them, they can increase brand awareness amongst your existing clientele as well as informing potential customers about your service. They are fun items that are immediately engaging and it is this fun element that has a positive and important psychological impact on customers – after all, if they enjoy the promo gift, they will think positively about your company. What’s more, custom stress relievers are cost effective, offering a fantastic marketing tool that suits even limited budgets.

What kind of business uses promotional stress relievers?

All kinds of industries can use promo stress relievers as part of their marketing repertoire. A dentist’s surgery, a retail store, an insurance company, an accountancy firm, a plumbing or electrical firm - you name it, the list is endless. All companies can benefit from having their company name, logo and contact details on a promo stress reliever.

Industry specific stress relievers

Some of our promo stress relievers lend themselves to particular sectors and businesses. Check out our soccer ball stress reliever, for example. It’s the perfect marketing tool for a sports retail store looking to expand brand awareness. Is your mortgage or loans company looking for a unique marketing tool? Then the House Stress reliever is the perfect choice. The Golf stress Reliever is perfect for golf courses, golf instructors or golf retail stores looking to increase brand awareness amongst their clientele. Perhaps you own a food store, in which case the Apple Stress Reliever would be ideal. All are fully customizable, ready for custom printing with your company’s logo.

General stress relievers

Many of our promo stress relievers can be used for a variety of business sectors. Our Star Stress reliever could be for literally anything, a physiotherapy clinic, wedding planner, insurance company or accountancy firm. It is immediately engaging, fun to play with and people will see your company’s name time and time again. We also have simple Round Stress Relievers perfect for any kind of business.

Add a special touch to your customer service

If you are company that makes regular house calls to clients like a removal firm, pest control company or an interior design or decorating firm. Once the job is done, leave your client a stress reliever printed with your logo and phone number along with a thank you card and you will have succeeded in in adding a fantastic touch to your customer service. Give your customers something tangible, interesting and fun and you can bet that most times they will keep it and remember who you are.

Entripy custom stress relievers are all ready for custom printing with your company’s logo. They are a superb, fully customizable promotional tool that increase brand awareness and add value to the brand – after all, promotional products that look and feel great will form a positive impression in the mind of your customers. With high quality custom printing, they always look great and represent a cost effective way to expand your marketing efforts.