Printing On Tye Dye Custom Shirts

Hung up custom t-shirts with tie dye patterns used to be screen printed with custom logo or design.

Entripy's New Tye Dyed Custom T-Shirts Are Fun And Vibrant

The latest addition to Entripy’s custom clothing range adds a splash of colour and a fun attitude for kids clubs and businesses.

The great thing about Entripy is that we cater to all kinds of people across all age groups, from school sport teams to restaurant staff to construction workers. The new tie-dyed range is perfect if you’re looking for creative and fully customizable clothing for your organization, school or group.

Available in Many Colours with Full Customization

You may think that colourful and vibrant designs may be difficult to customize but just check out the full range of colours and design options. Black, red, blue green, orange, you name it – all colours are available. This means you can find the perfect design for your particular logo so that it will look crisp, clear and bright against any colour. Try a bright white logo against a blue or orange design, or black against the Gold or Spider Lime designs. All custom shirts will clearly display your logo – even against these amazing custom tie-dyed designs.

Green tie dye custom t-shirt to be used for screen printing with custom design or logo.

Perfect for Alternative Businesses

If you run an alternative business that breaks the mold, you need work uniforms to match. Perhaps you run a surf shop, burger bar or music shop. You need staff uniforms that demonstrate professionalism but with a vibe that is keeping with the ethos of your business. Our custom tie-dyed shirts are an excellent way to show that you and your staff are relaxed and yet professional.

Colourful tie dye custom t-shirt offered to be screen printed with custom designs and logo.

Entripy tie-dyed custom t-shirts for Kids’ Clubs

Do you run an after school club for kids? Maybe a dance class, arts and crafts workshop, music class or drama group? If you do, you need professional custom t-shirts for the kids to wear that make them feel a part of the group and to also advertise your services. But you do not want a standard t-shirt because creative groups need something exciting and fun that the kids will enjoy. These tie-dyed custom t-shirts are ideal. They are fun creative and fit the ethos of a kids’ club.

Tie-Dyed shirts are perfect for Summer Camps

If you run a summer camp, you need light-weight custom t-shirts. Instead of plain custom-t-shirts with only a simple logo, kids will much prefer something vibrant and in keeping with ethos of the camp, especially if the camp runs creative programs. Custom tie dyed- t-shirts are different, quirky and fun!

Extra-curricular School Art and Drama Groups

When your kids are getting creative, active or messy in after school clubs like art or drama groups, they cannot wear their normal clothes or school uniforms. They need something that can get dirty without being damaged. Custom tie-dyed t-shirts are perfect. They also helps kids to feel relaxed and inspire creativity. With the school logo clearly visible, your after school group will have a sense of professionalism.

Entripy is leading the way with custom tie-dyed shirts. We have a wide range of styles and colours, so that whatever colour your logo is, it will stand out and be clear for all to see. These custom tie-dyed shirts are a great way to dress your kids for your after school club or summer camp or to kit your employees. Get creative with Entripy!

*Update June 19th, 2018: Entripy's tye-dyed custom t-shirts have been discontinued. Please see our selection of printable t-shirts for your custom logo printing.