Top 10 Wedding Favors in 2018

Top Customised Wedding favours for your wedding guests

Top Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

When you're preparing to plan your own wedding, there are so many elements to consider. The venue, food and music have to be perfect. Truthfully, most couples want every detail to be perfect. One of the most memorable details is the wedding favour.

A good wedding favour will last longer than the day of the celebration. However, it's important to choose the right one. Gone are the days of the dinner mints stuffed into a mini-monogrammed mesh tote. You've got to be a lot more creative. Consider these ideas for wedding favours.

1. Photo Booth/GIF Booths

Let's face it. We live in the age of social media. So many people love to document their experiences online. There are many who believe that if it's not online, it didn't happen. Why not incorporate ways to document the experience of your big day? You can help your guests share by assigning them a specific and fun hashtag. Additionally, you can up the ante with a great wedding favour that your guests will love. Photo booths became popular in recent years as a result of the social media frenzy. However, more people are loving GIF booths now. As platforms like Snapchat and Instagram thrive on the sharing of GIFs, you can also utilize that feature in your photo booth.

2. Stemless Wine Glasses

Who doesn't like a nice glass of wine after a long day of work? Give your guests a gift to remember by preparing wine goody bags.

Package this type of favour in an adorable custom tote bag. In the bag, you can provide the stemless wine glass with a funny quote about wine on it.

You can also put your crest or the wedding date as a small inscription on the glass. Add a few pieces of chocolate and a bag of popcorn for a really chic look.

Everyone loves to enjoy a piece of chocolate or some popcorn while they drink wine and watch a great movie.

Stemless wine glass which can be provided as a wedding favour for the attending wedding guests

3. Customized Hats

Whether you're headed to the gym to squeeze in a major sweat session or heading out for a day of errands, it's really convenient to throw on a baseball cap and keep going.

It's a stylish look, and you don't have to worry about spending a ton of time on your hair. This is why a customized hat might be a great wedding favour to give your guests at your reception.

Instead of adding the monogram of your names, consider adding custom embroidery with a funny quote about hat hair woes or something along those lines.

Your guests will love and wear it for months to come.

Custom embroidered baseball cap to be given as a wedding favour to the visiting guests

4. Custom Luggage Tags

Custom luggage tags are especially popular at destination weddings where guests are required to haul their suitcases from airport to hotel and back again. Tags can be personalized with the name of each guest, and they may be themed based on the destination -- such as pineapples for a Hawaiian wedding or waterfalls for Niagara Falls. Luggage tags take up little space, they don't cost much and they're practical for everyone in attendance.

5. Can Coolers

Get a custom can cooler made for your wedding guests. Can coolers are great because they're able to absorb the moisture from a cold can of beer, soda or seltzer water. Plus, you'll be able to give your guests something that they can use at home on any given day. You can opt to put anything you want on the can cooler. You could include a funny quote about beer or love. You might even want to place the wedding date and the name of the attendee on the can cooler. This will make it seem even more special.

6. Coffee/Tea

It's almost impossible to find somebody who doesn't love a good cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea. You can choose between the two options and provide your guests with premium selections. Provide ground coffee or coffee beans. If you purchase them in bulk, they tend to be cheaper. Plus, you'll be able to store them in a custom tote with an interesting slogan about coffee and your relationship.

With these types of favours, it’s so great to be creative with the packaging. The same concept applies to tea. You can choose to buy loose-leaf tea and create a custom blend for this occasion. If you select the tea blend, it's a nice idea to also add a loose-leaf tea infuser basket. The infuser basket is small and convenient when it's time for your guests to prepare their drink.

7. Kitchen Treats

Most people spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen preparing food. You can help them along their journey in the kitchen with a kitchen treat.

You might package extra virgin olive oil in small bottles. Add a sprig of rosemary, some basil or a clove of garlic for a unique spin on a standard kitchen staple.

Purchase bottles of wine for your guests. Present the wine to the guests in personalized wine totes. This is a great gift because your guests can use the personalized wine totes on a regular basis.

Currently, a lot of people are using Himalayan pink salt in their cooking. Do a little research and learn how to infuse salts with different flavors.

You can easily infuse salts with flavors that come from fruit, wine or herbs. Depending on the colors of your wedding, you can infuse the salt with a color you desire.

Personalised wine tote which can be used to gift wine as a wedding favour

8. Wine Stoppers

Speaking of wine, no list of top wedding favours would be complete without wine stoppers. These are always a popular choice at weddings because they're extremely useful at the event and long after. Wine tends to flow freely when nuptials are being celebrated, and a quality wine stopper ensures that none of the vino is lost or ruined amid the festivities. Wine stoppers may be topped with decorative flourishes like hearts or lovebirds, or they can be monogrammed in honor of the marrying couple.

9. DIY Potpourri

It's always nice to walk into a room and be greeted with a pleasant scent. You can help your guests with this experience by allowing them the chance to make their own potpourri.

Between the wedding and reception, the bridal party usually takes pictures. This can take a significant amount of time.

While guests are able to enjoy appetizers and take pictures at the reception venue, this could also be the time when they create their own potpourri. Provide an array of custom tote bags that come in the colors of your wedding decor.

Create a huge table, and fill it with tons of scented herbs, flowers and essential oils. With supervision, allow guests to make their own blends and take them home in their bags to enjoy later.

Custom tote bag which can used as a wedding favour to guests at your wedding

10. Candles or Matches

You can opt to gift your guests with a lovely scented candle. You might also decide to gift your guests with nicely arranged matches. A customized matchbox is always useful and chic. Both are good gifts to give your wedding guests, especially when paired together.

As you prepare for your big day, you'll have a lot of details to consider. Just make sure that the wedding favour doesn't fall off the list of priorities. After all, it's the one gift your guests will be able to take with them.