Tips To Keep Your Online Shopping Safe

Credit card locked to imply custom apparel orders are safe and knowing how to keep online shopping safe.

Secure Shopping At Entripy

Shopping with Entripy is an entirely safe experience. With Entripy your custom clothing purchases are secure and we are standing by to make sure your transactions are accurate, your card details are secure and our servers unhackable. Not all online businesses are as rigorous with their security, and there are some businesses out there that will actively try misusing your personal information. Here are some tips to keep safe when shopping online.

Check For Reputation On Social Media

The good thing about online businesses is that their reputation always precedes them, whether it’s good or bad. Check social media to see what their customers are saying. If there are positive comments on Twitter, Facebook, Google Reviews etc., then you can trust that the business in question is likely to deliver its services as stated and keep your details safe. If there are negative comments about any aspect of the payment process, from undelivered goods, excess charges or stolen details then stay away. If in doubt, give your business to another company.

Social media has become the quickest and most effective medium to reach customers. Reputable businesses understand the importance and the impact social media accounts have, which is why it is important to observe how frequent the business’s activity has been online.

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This will give you an overall perception of the business and before ordering you will have more than one medium to contact their sales reps.

Look For The Padlock Symbol

The easiest method to retrieve personal information is by hacking into unsecured servers. The servers with no security allows third party individuals to view detailed personal information and transactions that are being made between a buyer and the online company. The experts at PC Mag say “ look for the lock” to ensure that the site your using is secure. Depending on your browser, a green padlock symbol will be visible next to the URL bar or on the status bar at the bottom. This means the site is secure, and third parties cannot intercept the data you are sending to the site. Be very careful with unsecured servers when you connect to public Wi-Fi and refrain from making purchases over public WiFi.

URL address bar showing the padlock symbol, indicating the site is secure to input personal information.

Enter The Website Directly

Instead of clicking links to the site you want to purchase from, always type it into the address bar. Internet security gurus Kaspersky say that many fraudulent sites mirror legitimate sites to dupe unsuspecting customers. They look the same which is why before purchasing double check the URL to make sure you’re on the correct site if you went through different links to get to the company website.

Using Credit Cards For Payments

Not everyone prefers buying on credit which is understandable, but there are usually protections that come with using a credit card. If you are a victim of fraud, your credit card company will reimburse you for the amount in question and there is always a specific period of time you have to pay for your transactions which gives you the time to verify. Rest assured when you use your card for purchases with Entripy, you can trust that your custom printed clothing order will be fulfilled with 100% satisfaction guaranteed and a sales rep will be guiding you every step of the way.

It always pays to be vigilant when making purchases online. There are many steps to follow but if you ever in doubt, read further details outlined by Microsoft. The most important things to remember are to stick to sites you know and that if it doesn’t feel right, avoid.