Tips To Clean Your Custom Athletic Wear Effectively

Hanging colourful custom jerseys with personalized numbers and custom logo for teams.

Our custom athletic wear looks great and reps your team, school or club in the best way possible but how do you keep it looking great over the long term?

Exercise is often a very sweaty business. Our custom athletic wear is designed to keep you cooler and fresher for longer but the reality is we all sweat. And when we sweat your clothes need washing thoroughly - for obvious reasons! If you play for a team or club you do not want continued washing to make colours fade or damage the custom printing on your custom uniform. Here are some step by step tips to help make your custom athletic wear sharper for longer.

1. Turn jerseys inside out when washing

Contrary to popular belief, washing inside out doesn't make clothes any cleaner but it does reduce colour fading and pilling by avoiding friction on the outside of the garment. This means your custom sports jerseys and custom sports shorts will remain more vibrant and the fabric will hold together better.

2. Launder garments immediately after wearing

This may sound obvious but it is easier said than done. Let's say you coach a high school basketball team and after the game you need to arrange for your custom basketball jerseys to be laundered.

Group of hockey players showcasing custom printed jerseys for their hockey team.

Instead of waiting until the next day, do it as soon as you can because the longer sweat remains in the fabric, the harder it is to get it out. This means smell can linger and bacteria stays in the fabric.

3. Do not use bleach

It may be tempting to use bleach when washing your custom sportswear because it really does help clothes get clean. The big downside, however, is that that it makes colours fade and can damage the material, especially our custom printed logos.

4. Avoid washing on high temperatures

It may be tempting to ensure all your custom sports clothing is clean by using a high temperature. Whilst hot temperatures do indeed maximize cleaning, they also damage fabric fibres and cause colours to run. Choose a cool wash instead.

5. Separate whites and colours

If you have an Entripy custom soccer shirt which is a vibrant colour like red, and custom soccer shorts that are white, for example, be sure to wash them separately. The colours can fade and your white soccer shorts may gradually turn pink! Washing different colours separately helps maintain their colour.

Avoid fabric softeners

Some of Entripy’s custom sportswear has Dri-Fit technology like our N3 and Nike ranges. Fabric softeners may leave other fabrics nice and soft, but it damages the Dri-Fit fabric, negating its power to move sweat away from the body.

Treat stains carefully

At some point your custom sportswear will get stained, whether its mud on your custom soccer jersey or blood on your custom football jersey. The stains have to come out but a stain remover or detergent can damage the fabric. Leave the garment to soak in cold water before washing normally; hot water will encourage the stain to set into the fabric.

It’s important that your custom sports gear with custom logo looks sharp, especially if you’re representing your team or club. Remember to always read the washing instructions and that items with a printed or embroidered logo need a little more love and care than standard garments.