Why Your Company Needs Its Own Yellow Box

Entripy yellow shipping box which communicates for us without us having to do anything

Entripy's Yellow Box: Why your company needs your “yellow box”

You've probably seen Entripy's signature yellow box and sunny yellow printed t-shirts on social media. Why do we do that? That yellow is a part of our brand. In the past 20 years, branding has become an overwhelming focus in the business world, and it is still vitally important!

The Basics of Branding

Branding is the way you communicate your identity and mission to your customers. It's your story, and it doesn't have to feel like a chore. At Entripy, we love letting people know who we are and what we do. We are a bright, creative, helpful business. That's why we love our signature yellow colour.

When building your brand, ask yourself the following questions.

1. What are you saying to your public?

How do you talk about your business? What image do you project? Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Sometimes, a little thing can go a long way. For example, t-shirts "made with love" tell our customers we take our work seriously and treat their projects like our own.

Consider asking your community for honest feedback. Sometimes you may hear criticism, but as long as it's constructive, try to take it on board. Is your logo dated? Is your color scheme too drab?

Consumers excited to receive their custom designed merch from entripy in the yellow box.

But remember: This is about finding balance. You need to find the best way to tell your authentic story and define yourself.

2. What sets you apart?

What sets you apart? How are you telling people about it? People won't be able to find you if they don't know what you're all about. You can share your brand's story through traditional advertising. You can design your packaging thoughtfully (hello, yellow box!) to communicate your brand identity to people. You can also shout it out on your uniforms and other accessories.

This might sound very text-heavy, but it doesn't have to be. Your logo might just be one big letter. However, what font are you using? Does it look Art Deco, medieval or hand-drawn? Each option tells your customer something about your brand. Brainstorm and visualize different options for yourself. Once you see what you want in your mind's eye, get it on paper or your tablet and spend some time with it.

3. Are you recognizable?

If people see your products, will they be able to place them instantly? Do they associate your business's name with your service, or do they draw a blank when they hear your name? Using customized promo products is a great strategy to help the public at large get to know you. Attractive personalized clothing, hats and tote bags can go a long way toward spreading your brand's reach.

Consider the customized clothing that has gone mainstream. These days, people will pay to wear a Dr. Pepper, Coke or NASA tee. They're on sale at major stores. Imagine that your brand has that kind of reach where people want the privilege of wearing an ad for you. What would that logo look like?

Maple leaf fans receiving maple leaf team hoodie from entripy at the stadium.

What would it be saying to your customers? What would your customers be trying to say by wearing it? Again, it all comes back to what your message is about.

4. Are you staying true to yourself?

When you're designing marketing materials, promo items and packaging, aim for something you can live with for the long term. You will be spending time with your brand's image every day. As a small business person, it will eat up probably half your day, every day, so you really need to love it. You really need to feel it. If you feel it, your customers will, too.

That's one thing about our yellow box: We love it. We get a kick out of it. It tells you all about us, and it communicates for us without us having to do anything. You need your own yellow box. We're happy to help you shout it out with custom t-shirt printing and custom baseball hats once you do.