Trending Custom Promo Product - The Selfie Stick

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Customized Selfie Sticks

Whether you love or hate selfies, they are an undeniably 21st century phenomenon and are part of technological revolution that makes taking photos and videos easier. Smartphones mean we can capture special moments easily, capture a moment in time and cherish it forever – and that is special. A great way to do this is with a selfie stick and Entripy is proud to offer fantastic customized selfie sticks, meaning you can print your own logo. It is perfect for businesses and organizations.

Why were selfie sticks invented?

Selfies are a great way to take pictures of yourself and upload them online to share on sites like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and more. It is a way to express yourself in the digital age, to document your travels, and to keep a record of special events. However, taking selfies is actually quite difficult. Taking a photo of yourself requires stretching your camera or smartphone in front of you, and is very difficult to get any perspective of you and your surroundings. The solution? Create some distance and get the perfect photo with a selfie stick!

How do they work?

Selfie sticks are a neat invention. Simply fix the camera or smartphone into the holder and attach the 3mm cable. Any smartphone will fit so you don’t need to worry whether it will work on your particular mobile device because iPhones, Android etc. are all compatible. Once the smartphone is placed, you can extend the stick in front of you and click a button on the handle. It allows the distance needed to take a great photo or video. It gives you the opportunity to include landscapes and fit several people into the frame, meaning you can take great photos of all the family.

A group of people using a custom promotional product, selfie stick, to take a picture of themselves.

Complete Convenience for Selfies Anywhere

With a telescopic monopod, this selfie-stick is retractable, meaning it can fit in your bag when not needed, whilst still providing the length you need (up to 40”). With a wrist strap, it is safe and secure in your hand, even it falls from your grip.

Customized especially for you – at affordable prices

Entripy's popular custom promo item, the selfie stick, that can be used to custom print any logo or design.

The best thing about our Entripy selfie sticks is that they are fully customizable. Add your logo and your business or organization has an excellent promotional tool. Do you run a photography business? Then you need to get professional with your logo. Maybe your business uses selfie sticks as part of its everyday business for recording videos and taking photos for social media? Do you need a unique and practical promotional item for clients? Then send them a customized selfie stick with your company’s logo.

Your logo in white will look fantastic against the black selfie stick, giving it a sleek and professional look. Best of all, customization is affordable and gives you the opportunity of enjoying a fully personalized selfie stick at a special low cost especially for Entripy customers.

Selfie sticks are a truly 21st century accessory and now you can have your very own customized selfie stick thanks to Entripy. Perfect for creating special memories anywhere in the world, at any time and with anybody, this is great little accessory. Whether you are on highest mountain top, jumping out of a plane or on top of the Eiffel Tower, you can capture your special moments forever.

Update November 20th, 2018: Entripy's selfie-stick has been discontinued. Please see our selection of customized promo products for your logo printing.