The Psychology Of Branding With Colour

Entripy employees branded in yellow custom t-shirts with entripy logo.

When building a brand, many companies think first about their logo design. But perhaps even more important is the colour you choose to represent your company. The success of your business can be hugely impacted from your choices with the colour you paint on your office walls to the colours on your website and your packaging.

The Power of Colour

Colour has a powerful subconscious effect on our emotions and behaviour. It can impact how productive employees are, influence customers’ purchase decisions and ultimately persuade how people view your brand. In one study appropriately called Impact of Colour in Marketing researchers found up to 90% of snap judgements consumers make about products are made based on colour alone.

Colour elicits emotional reactions and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Understanding the science behind colour psychology can give your business an edge and improve the effectiveness of your branding. In another study aptly named Exciting Red and Competent Blue researchers found that a company’s colours influenced how consumers viewed the “personality” of the brand.

Colours Evoke Emotional Responses

The colours you choose in your branding can help you to convey a message without having to state it outright in your marketing campaign. The colour of your product packaging, your advertisements and your custom promotional materials becomes a part of your brand identity. Choosing the right colour can improve your marketing, but you first need to understand the traits and mood of the colour to decide whether the colour sends the right message to your target audience.

Entripy employees wearing yellow custom printed t-shirts.

A Rainbow of Emotions


Known as the colour of passion, red causes your heart rate to speed up and breathing to be more rapid. This colour can give you a temporary boost of energy, causing a reduction in your reaction time and analytical thinking, which may explain why insurance on red vehicles is higher and why red is commonly placed in areas of the store where impulse products are located.


If you’re looking to appear dependable and trustworthy, you may want to go for blue. This crowd-pleasing colour is associated with feelings of trust and security, which explains why it’s often the colour of choice for financial institutions.


Commonly associated with warnings of caution, orange is often used with a call to action (buy, sell, subscribe now buttons) and is popularly used to represent impulse brands (Payless Shoes and Amazon) as this is a colour that prompts immediate action.


The colour of nature, green arouses feelings of tranquility and is often used to reduce stress. Green inspires feelings of renewed energy and re-growth and can boost your creativity.

Entripy signage branded with yellow & blue for increasing brand awareness.


Purple is the colour of royalty, wealth and success and is commonly used by anti-aging brands to confer sophistication and in high quality products to signal superiority.


An eye-catching colour that can attract attention amidst a crowd of distractions, yellow is the colour of high energy and arouses feelings of happiness, optimism and enthusiasm.

Why Entripy Chose Yellow

The colour yellow was initially chosen for Entripy’s boxes to help our customers identify their custom apparel shipments. Entripy used to field dozens of inquiries from customers complaining that they had only received 3 out of 4 boxes and later discovered that the 4th box was lost amongst all the numerous other brown boxes on their loading dock. Colouring our boxes yellow was a great way to call attention to them and ensure that custom t-shirt orders didn’t get mistaken for other shipments.

While yellow served its purpose of being bright enough to grab attention from a distance, this bold colour choice also matched Entripy’s brand personality. A cheerful, friendly colour, yellow stimulates the brain’s excitement center. It inspires people to move faster, which is why it’s a favoured colour by fast food restaurant chains and sports car brands such as Ferrari. Speed is at the core of Entripy’s core values and is one of the reasons why we’re a leader in the custom apparel industry.

The colour yellow also worked to represent Entripy’s brand as it matched the emotions our customers experience when they use our products. The excitement our clients feel when they open their box of custom t-shirts and the energy that’s brought to an event where custom apparel is used is captured through the energetic colour yellow.

Entripy clients receive yellow boxes with entripy logo for their custom apparel orders.

What does your company colour do for your brand?