Stylish Retail Side For Your Custom Clothing - Alternative Apparel

Female and male models of custom sweatshirts, tank tops and custom printed t-shirts customized with a design or logo.

Our superb range of custom clothing usually has a specific purpose, from work wear to sports to club uniforms. This purpose of this range, however, is just to make you look good – and that in itself is hugely valuable in a range of industries.

For the fashion conscious, looking good is reason enough to try our Alternative Apparel range, but there are certain industries where style is a priority and forms part of a marketing strategy. Alternative Apparel custom clothing allows fashion conscious industries to have their staff look good, whilst maintaining uniformity and professionalism. It’s a tough balance to achieve, but Alternative Apparel manages it beautifully.

Perfect for style conscious industries

More and more brands are relying on individuality and style for their custom work wear, with alternative, relaxed aesthetics replacing a straightforward professional look. This range is perfect for brands that convey a lifestyle and are seeking to break away from a standard shirt, t-shirt or collared golf shirt for their custom uniforms. Individuality is King, and your custom clothing for your staff needs to reflect that. How then do employers combine individuality and style with a custom uniform? Alternative Apparel is the answer.

The Alternative Men’s Boss V-Neck is a great, versatile shirt perfect for retailers looking for something more stylish. Figure enhancing, this cotton/poly blend custom t-shirt is great for a relaxed approach to work wear, whilst keeping you comfortable and cool. With low impact dye and made partly form organic cotton, it is part of the vanguard of eco-friendly clothing that defines this clothing brand.

The Alternative Ladies’ Sleeveless Poncho is superb for keeping your staff warm. Perhaps you run a summer camp or children’s club and regularly spend time outdoors. This fantastic poncho allows your staff to keep warm in customized gear with your company’s logo – but also in a way that is in keeping with an alternative ethos. Sustainability and individuality define this custom top.

Attitudes to work wear are changing - individuality is King

The end is approaching for corporate rigidity – that’s what the Alternative Men’s Big League Burnout Baseball Shirt says. This is perfect for any brand that needs work gear with a logo, but is relaxed and exudes a counter –culture feel. Perfect for creative industries, retail and restaurants where enterprise meets art, this shirt is a perfect choice for staff wanting cutting edge uniqueness instead of dyed in the wool uniforms.


The 21st century has changed the way our young people think about the environment and has challenged the way clothing is manufactured, with an eye on how production processes affect the ecosystem. Alternative Apparel is committed to developing a range of sustainably sourced and produced custom t-shirts and custom sweaters. This is why they use organic wool and low impact dying processes. Check out the Ladies Organic Scoop Neck which is made from nothing but 100% organic cotton – it also happens to be one of the most stylish choices for any workforce.


If you run a client facing independent business like a record store, guitar shop, vintage clothing boutique, book store or coffee shop, you need something of a paradox – custom uniforms that express the individual’s style. Alternative Apparel offer the perfect solution with their custom hats like the Destroyed Military Cap and Oversized Beanie. Add your company’s logo and your staff are good to go – feel free to add badges or patches for a real counter-culture look.

If your business is a little edgier than the norm, Alternative Apparel is the perfect choice for your custom uniforms, from custom t-shirts and sweaters to custom hats. Committed to sustainability and unique style, Entripy is proud to stock this brand. Remember, everything is ready for custom printing for your logo.