Rising Need Of Custom Flash Drives - Your Perfect Promo Product

<div >Colourful flash drives used as custom promo products as giveaways for employees or clients.

Flash drive, USB stick, or thumb drive, whatever you call it we all use them and find them incredibly useful. They are the easiest way to store and transport information without bulky laptops or tablets. And because we all use them on a daily basis, they present an exceptional marketing opportunity. It’s time to get your company some brand exposure with custom printed flash drives.

A custom flash drive is a flash drive that features your logo and contact details. At Entripy, we can take your company logo, and thanks to our expert custom printing, put it on a range of top quality USB flash drives. They look smart, professional and eye catching.

Amazing Customer Promo Items

Custom printing your company’s logo on a promotional item like this is an excellent marketing idea. If you know your clients are office based or are students, or have any reason to use flash drives, you can use our custom printing as an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness. Offer our custom flash drives to your customers at trade fairs, conferences, through the mail or in store. Useful items like these will be used – and they will be used time and time again, allowing your company continued brand exposure. Entripy makes sure all of its custom promo items have a purpose, allowing for maximum marketing potential.

Check Out Our Range Of Unique Designs

Check out our sleek and stylish Infokey flash drive. It is shaped like a key which is immediately striking and stands out from similar devices. It comes with either 1GB or 2GB storage. It is designed to fit on a key ring, so you will never be without it or accidentally leave it on your desk. Send these to your clients or include them in a custom promo bag at a trade show and your clients (existing or prospective) will love it. When you associate your business with top quality products like this, your brand develops credibility and inspires confidence.

Infokey flash drives used for customized promo products as giveaways for customers.

Don’t forget to check out the Infomate flash drive. If you have technically minded clients who deal with big computer files, send them a serious flash drive they can use. The 4GB Infomate Flash Drive can handle even the biggest storage requirements and looks great with its smart design, available in black, blue or white and ready to be adorned with your company’s logo.

Infocard flash drives used as custom promo items for giveaways to customers.

For something totally original, check out the Infocard Flash Drive. It looks just like a credit card. It is sure to get your clients talking and with a large custom printing area for your logo, there is a huge opportunity to achieve brand exposure.

The advertising potential is unlimited with these great custom promo items. They help get your brand in front of your target audience and inspire confidence and rapport by providing clients with something they can use every day. Is it time your business harnessed the power of custom printing? Then send us your logo and place an order today! It could give your business the boost it needs.