Quality Matters - Customizing On High-End Brands

Embroidering your logo on high-end brands of custom jackets, polo shirts and custom baseball jerseys for your team uniforms.

All items offered by Entripy are high quality but we are especially proud to offer a range of premium brands that are a cut above the rest.

If you are looking for the highest quality brands, you have come to the right place. From North End to Team365, Entripy offers a wide range of the highest quality brands for your custom clothing and custom uniforms. If you are wondering what makes these brands special, here are some of the things that set them apart.

Extra features

Some of the premium branded custom clothing we offer comes with special features. Many of our custom sports shirts offer wicking technology which transports heat from your body to the outside of the shirt. Some premium sports brands like Team 365 custom sportswear offer UV protection, antibacterial fabric and moisture management. Premium performance wear by the Rawlings cage jersey include polyester Pro Dri mesh inserts to keep you cool – only premium brands offer this level of quality.

Improved performance

Many of the premium brands we carry, from custom shirts to custom jackets, have a high level of performance built into the design. Premium jackets like our North End range stand out from the crowd for their non-pill fleece and ability to withstand much lower temperatures than normal jackets - even down to -23 Celsius. Check out our Stormtech jackets that combine waterproofing, thermal insulation and hand warming pockets with breathability.

Quality is in the detail

What sets our premium custom clothing apart is the attention to detail. High-end brands focus on the little things, like the quality of stitching and embroidery. Top-quality brand clothing has a high density of stitches per inch, meaning the item is stronger and more durable. The quality of buttonhole stitching is just one example of the kind of attention to detail that adds to the overall feel of a top-end product.

Eddie Bauer offer premium jackets with a level of quality not found in standard garments. With details like polyester tricot lining and tricot binding on cuffs and hem, you can see why premium brands stand above the rest.

If you need protection against wind and rain, check out Team 365 jackets. They feature a nylon shell with a special polyurethane coating to protect you from even the most severe weather.

Our leading brands for custom t-shirts, jerseys and bottoms use a higher quality of raw material as well as better production techniques. Cheap products will be light and thin which means they look and feel cheap and will soon wear out. High quality clothing like our premium brands survive wash after wash without colours fading or losing their shape.

Stormtech custom jacket with thermal insulation fit to embroider your custom logo.

Image is often important

A team that turns up to the game wearing high quality brand gear like Team 365, Core365, North End, StormTech, Rawlings or Eddie Bauer, immediately makes an impact and will be considered a team that sets high standards for itself. Branded clothing instantly creates a positive impression – even more so when they are customized with personalized names and numbers. First impressions are important and they start with your clothing.

Ultimately, there is no one thing that defines a product as high quality, but rather a combination of things make it stand out from the rest. They look and feel great, withstand whatever the elements throw at them and a last long time. Remember that our premium brands are fully customizable with logos, names and numbers, providing the best solution in personalized jackets, shirts, sweaters, bottoms and more.