Promotional Products That Boost Brand Recognition

Entripy branded products with logo including custom tote bags, custom mugs, printable bottles, etc.

A key objective when building a brand is to improve your company’s visibility in the market. There’s no better way to boost brand recognition than branded swag! 53% of consumers use a promotional product at least once a week and over 50% keep a branded swag item they receive for between one to four years.

Custom promotional products are commonly used in marketing campaigns to improve a brand’s visibility. Branded swag can turn customers into brand ambassadors, showing off your company logo whenever they use the promotional product you’ve provided. We know everyone loves getting free swag, but how can you ensure that your branded swag will be effective at building your brand?

Align the Product to Your Brand Message

Putting your company logo on simply any promotional item isn’t an effective strategy for building your brand through promotional swag. To improve your brand power through promotional products, you should carefully select an item that clearly aligns with your brand message.

If you represent a security company, for example, you may want to consider a safety slap bracelet or a mini flashlight; something that reminds people of what your company does and how you make people feel – safe.

Focus on the Message, Not the Industry

The success of your promotional swag for brand recognition depends on the ability of the item to demonstrate your brand’s core values, but staying on brand doesn’t mean you have to stick with promotional products that are typical in your industry. Staying on brand with your swag doesn’t mean you can’t step outside the box. In fact, distinguishing your company from the “noise” in a crowded marketplace means selecting branded swag that stands out.

If you’re a fun, modern technology company, for example, you’re probably bored with giving away power banks and USB drives. Consider something a little untraditional like trendy sunglasses or a funky pom pom toque that conveys your modern and fun company culture, rather than simply stating what your company does.

Let Your Swag Solve a Problem

When selecting a promotional product to represent your company, consider what will be useful to your recipients. Branded swag that solves a customer’s problem can go a long way to instilling gratitude towards the company. People are also more likely to remember your company and associate it with the product when you surprise them by solving their problem.

Imagine being at an outdoor event on an overcast day and receiving a branded umbrella. How grateful would you be towards that company if it started to rain?

A night club that provides customers with a custom smart phone wallet means that women can avoid carrying their wallets and purses around the club. A bike shop that provides a safety shoe clip to improve visibility of cyclists when on the road in dim light conditions helps keep cyclists safe.

Avoid the Garbage Can by Providing Value

One of the reasons people keep promotional products are because they find them useful. People are likely to remember a company that provides them with something of value when they needed it and are more likely to hold onto that item and re-use it, meaning your company logo will be seen by them time and time again. Some of the most popular promotional items that people find useful are branded coffee mugs, custom pens and branded notebooks.

Promotional Swag That Has Legs

When using promotional products to build brand recognition, it’s important to consider the number of times the product will be used and how far it can travel. Branded items such as custom tote bags are a great way to get your logo seen time and time again as customers take their bags grocery shopping, to the beach, or on a plane with them.

Entripy branded custom mugs displayed for client and employee use.

Custom t-shirts are another terrific promotional product that can act as a walking, talking billboard for your company and is a great way to create an army of brand ambassadors for your company.