Offering Your Customers Custom Tote Bags vs. Plastic Bags

Comparison of canvas tote bags for customization with design and logo with coloured plastic bags for grocery items.

Entripy’s range of environmentally friendly tote bags means we have a practical and eco-sensitive way to complete everyday tasks that also has advertising potential.

The environment can always use a helping hand and we at Entripy are proud to offer a range of custom tote bags that negate the use for plastic shopping bags, giving you an environmentally friendly option for grocery shopping also ideal for a whole host of other uses. Do we think that tote bags will save the planet? No. But we certainly think they make a positive difference. What’s more, a custom tote bag is a great opportunity to advertise your business and reinforce your brand.

Why switch from plastic?

The environmental case to switching to reusable tote bags from plastic is clear. Plastic bags do not biodegrade and are so expensive to recycle that they end up in landfill. Once there, molecules break down releasing harmful toxins. Furthermore, once in landfill, millions fly away into green spaces, beaches and the ocean. 10% of all ocean debris that washes up on shore are plastic bags. Plastic bags have even been found in the Antarctic. They also require fossil fuels to be produced, and with the USA alone producing 100 billion every year, that’s a lot of fossil fuel gone for good.

A perfect branding opportunity

Your company can print your logo on our custom tote bags and give them to customers instead of a plastic bag or as a promotional tool. Many people will be glad to receive something practical which can be used for grocery shopping and general use. Some of our larger custom tote bags are perfect for taking to work, to the beach or to the gym. Sling it over your shoulder and off you go. With your logo, your business gets fantastic continued brand exposure and your company will be associated with a friendly approach to the environment which is always a bonus. If you run a local business- and even if only a handful of your clients use your bags- you are benefitting from great advertising in the local area.

If not plastic then what?

There are a variety of materials available for tote bags other than plastic - organic cotton and polypropylene being some popular choices. Check out our Heavy Cotton Tote Bag. It is 100% natural cotton and made with no hazardous chemicals. As well as being eco-friendly, it looks great and is big enough for your gym gear, college books or your towel and flip flops when heading to the beach. Ready for your logo, your business can become associated with your clients’ lifestyle.

Our Non-Woven Convention Tote is made from nonwoven polypropylene. A simple and functional bag designed as a replacement to the plastic bag, it is perfect for grocery shopping. With an ideal printing surface, your company’s logo will look great.

Our Mini-Non Woven Gift Tote is a superb custom tote bag if your business is at a conference or if your business is a high-end retailer and requires a premium bag for your clients. This small polypropylene bag is extremely high quality and is perfect for containing promotional gifts at conferences or for your discerning clientele.

Groceries filled canvas tote bag customized for design or company logo.

We are becoming more environmentally conscious and there is no reason why transitioning from plastic bags to a sustainable alternative cannot benefit your business. Entripy’s custom tote bags are ready for your logo, providing your business with great brand exposure whilst respecting the environment. From conference gift bags to a replacement for plastic bags or simply for a great promotional item, these custom tote bags are a winner for everyone - put your logo on a bag for life with Entripy.