Keeping Up With Your New Years Resolution

New year resolution list including exercising and eating fruits to get healthy and fit.

Get in shape with Entripy's custom fitness gear

It’s the New Year and now is the time when many of us are setting goals and making resolutions to start the year off right. But this can be hard after feeling a little sluggish after all the Christmas festivities. In that case, exercise and fitness may be at the top of your to-do list for 2019.

Entripy makes it a lot easier with fantastic custom clothing that you are sure to love. A new set of fitness gear and custom fitness apparel can motivate you to get moving. From t-shirts and shorts, to custom drinkware and fitness accessories, we’ve got you covered. But first, let’s start with some tips on keeping your New Year’s resolution on track.

Stay focused on your goals

The New Year is an opportunity to start afresh and take steps to becoming the best version of you. Make sure to keep goals simple and realistic so that they are attainable. Break your goal down into bite-sized micro-goals that you can work on every week. Keeping track of each of your small successes will help to keep you focused on your goal with more frequent reminders.

Join a Club or Team

You’re not in this alone! Joining a club or team can be a great way to make new friends and find a support network that will encourage you to achieve your goals. Your club or team members are likely working on similar fitness goals and working on them together can help to ensure you all succeed. Joining a network of likeminded individuals is also a great way to build confidence too!

A gym class doing exercise wearing athletic wear and have the option to custom print t-shirts with logo.

Custom Clothing for You

Whether it is a commitment to running, spin class, joining a gym or taking up Pilates or step class, exercise is a great way to get fit and healthy and develop confidence. Purchasing fitness apparel that is customized with your name is a special way to own your commitment to your health and fitness for the New Year. If you bring the motivation, we will provide the very best custom fitness clothing to help you reach your goal. Here are some of our top picks for custom athletic apparel that are available in quantities as low as 1, just for you! Check out our collection of No Minimum clothing for great custom fitness finds.

Custom Clothing for Fitness Studios, Yoga Studios, and Personal Trainers

Fitness is big business and if you want your venture to succeed, you need to create a memorable image. Whether you run a yoga studio, personal training business, boxing club, running club, swimming class or spin class, your athletic gear needs to look professional and stand out from the competition. Customizing your fitness apparel with your logo and even adding a personalized touched with staff names can help you do exactly that.

Our range of clothing includes top athletic brands like Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Rawlings, and more, all ready for your company logo and names. With antimicrobial wicking technology, our gear is designed for professionals who work long hours in a fitness environment, making sure you are cool and fresh all day long. We also offer custom hats, available in a range of colours that can be embroidered with your logo. Our competitive prices mean you can have fully customized gear for all your staff without breaking the bank.

Custom Clothing Under Armour Tshirt for Fitness Studios, Yoga Studios, and Personal Trainers

Custom Clothing for Clubs and Teams

If you are joining a club or team, you need some great uniforms. Our most popular team wear items include the N3 Sport Dry Fit Shirt which is the perfect all-purpose t-shirt that is ideal for playing on the field or court, and training at the gym or track. These matching custom shorts help create the perfect fitness gear duo. To browse more of our options for sports clubs and teams, check out our Team Wear section.

Custom Fitness Equipment & Accessories

The hallmark of a professional business is customized equipment. Check out our Krienes Cooling Towel made with two layers of extremely soft cooling material. This towel retains moisture while staying dry, perfect for absorbing sweat and keeping you and your clients cool. Available in a range of colours, personalize this item and use in for any sport, every season. We also carry a huge range of custom water bottles that are perfect for rocking your brand while staying hydrated.

Custom athletic wear for yoga studios including custom t-shirts and promotional products such as yoga mats with custom logo.

Our fitness studios and gyms love our 1000ml Squeeze Bottle and Cross Trainer Shaker Bottle. Print with your logo and offer to your clients as a welcome package with their membership or sell to them as a premium product.

No matter what type of garment, equipment, or fitness accessory you are looking for, our team is happy to help you find the perfect custom apparel for your clients, business, team, or just for you! Shop our Fitness collection or reach out to our Client Experience team at 1-866-368-7479 or at