Jackets Guide: Picking the Right Custom Jacket for Your Business

Jackets Guide

When the temperature starts to drop it’s a sign to get your classic cold weather companion, otherwise known as jackets, out and ready to layer up. For cold Canadian weather, custom jackets are a staple for any business or organization. But picking the right one can sometimes be a little difficult, especially with so many options and features to choose from. Entripy’s got an endless selection of custom jackets that are waiting to be customized with your logo and we put together a little guide of the different types of jackets we offer, to help you pick the perfect one for your business.

Keep reading below to find out which custom jacket is right for your business!

Softshell Jackets

Custom softshell jackets are a jacket staple for any business or organization. Softshell jackets are made from a softer material that feels more comfortable in comparison to hardshell jackets that are stiffer. Softshell jackets bridge the gap between a fleece jacket and waterproof jacket to provide a lightweight and breathable design. Softshell jackets are most well-known for being water-repellent, breathable, and stretchy. They’re typically made from polyester material with added elastane in some custom jackets.

What's it best for:

Custom softshell jackets are an ideal choice for transitional weather or cool weather conditions to easily layer with. Organizations and businesses typically design custom softshell jackets as an addition to employee uniforms and they also make for popular employee incentive or gift ideas. Our top selling softshell is the Core365 2-Layer Fleece Softshell Bonded Jacket.

Core365 2-Layer Fleece Softshell Bonded Jacket

Thermal Jackets

Custom thermal jackets are designed to keep you warm and protected from cold temperatures between +10°C to -10°C. The outer shell is typically made from polyester with quilted outer body designs. Thermal jackets have inner insulation that trap hot air to keep you extra warm and the outer layers are usually water-repellent to keep you dry and protected. They usually have a sleek design that make them the perfect layering piece, and some are designed to be packable for easy carrying on-the-go.

What's it best for:

Thermal jackets are great for the outdoors and businesses that are looking to equip their employees with an easy-to-carry custom jacket that could be worn over employee uniforms or packed away to travel with. Our top custom thermal jacket pick is the Stormtech Men’s and Women’s Basecamp Thermal Jacket.

Stormtech Basecamp Thermal Jacket

3-in-1 Jackets

3-in-1 jackets are known for being of premium quality because of their durable design and high-quality protective features. These custom jackets are constructed to withstand extreme cold weather temperatures and harsh weather conditions. They are designed with polyester outer layers and inner fleece lining, along with water and snow repellent material finishes. This style jacket usually has a longer parka length to provide extra coverage, along with a hood and zippered pockets.

What's it best for:

3-in-1 jackets are a great pick for businesses looking to add on a warm and high-quality jacket to their employee or team uniforms to get ready for the cold season. They also make for great employee incentives or gift ideas during the holiday season. One of our favourite picks is the Stormtech Men’s and Women’s Vortex 3-in-1 System Parka.

Stormtech 3-in-1 System Parka

Key Takeaways

Picking the perfect custom jacket is an essential task for any Canadian business, especially when the cold weather starts to creep up! No matter what custom jacket you pick, they’re a great premium apparel choice to add on to your employee uniforms or to gift to your employees during the holiday season. Something to keep in mind while you browse our wide selection is that almost every custom jacket has three main components to pay attention to: the outer shell, the insulation, and the inner lining. Depending on what you’re looking for in each component, you’ll be able to narrow down a few easy and premium quality options to start customizing!

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