How To Tackle Advertising With Business Promotional Items

Offering promotional items is a great way to advertise your business without putting a big dent in your budget. There are also many types of promotional products you can choose from, such as custom baseball caps, custom pens, and of course custom T-shirts. If you haven't used this fantastic advertising tool yet, here are a few tips and tricks you might find very useful when using promotional products for advertising.

Vibrant colour choices for custom mugs as promotional products.

Choose useful promotional items

When you're advertising your brand using promotional items in Canada, your main priority is to ensure that thousands of people see the name of your business and subsequently become interested in your products and services. To do this, make sure that you use promotional items which are more likely to be used frequently by the recipients.

For example, try not to go for cigarette lighters and matchboxes as not all your recipients smoke or these items will be thrown away after they cannot be used. Go for coffee mugs and particularly promotional T-shirts as they are usually used for more than a year by 55% of the recipients, according to statistics.

Unique giveaways at trade shows

When attending trade shows, it is paramount that you stand out from the crowd. You can do this by offering promotional products like custom T-shirts which feature the brand of your company, or use key chains, custom pens, lineyards and other items as giveaways to the participants at the trade show. You can also opt for high-end gifts such as customized portfolios or customized drinkware to impress your audience.

Examples of smart texts and phrases written on custom t-shirts and custom sweatshirts.

Pay attention to what you put on your custom apparel

If you are thinking of offering promotional apparel to your customers, you are making the right choice. However, keep in mind that unless your brand is already very popular and famous, chances are that most people won't fancy the idea of wearing your custom apparel. In this case, you might want to go for smart texts and witty phrases which your audience might find quirky or interesting. Somewhere on the apparel, you can also include your logo to promote your brand. If the recipients find the text attractive, they will wear the t-shirt and advertise your brand for free.

Niche targeting is important

This refers to items which are likely to be used when customers make decisions regarding the product or services you sell. For example, if you run an online business, it wouldn't be a bad idea to offer promotional items such as mouse pads or USB memory sticks that feature your logo. As a result, when customers consider your merchandise, they will unconsciously be influenced by the promotional items you have offered which they might have been using daily.

Customized company logos on custom aprons.

Go for t-shirts as they are walking billboards

The best advantage of using t-shirts as promotional items is that they continue to advertise your business for years, completely free of charge and can transcend various locations. Custom t-shirts which are worn by your audience are basically walking billboards and they have the potential to be seen by many.

If you are thinking of starting your advertising campaign using business promotional items in Canada but do not know where to start, talk to us and let us guide you further!