How To Spice Up Your Business With Custom Apparel

Your corporate identity; the image that you present to the public, is largely impacted by the way your employees dress. Corporate custom uniforms are not only useful in informing outsiders about your business and tell potential customers what you do, it also speaks to your business’ personality.

A laid-back café for example, may choose to outfit their staff in casual custom t-shirts, informing customers that they are in a laid back and relaxing environment and encourages patrons to feel comfortable and relaxed in the space. An upscale restaurant, on the other hand, may outfit their staff in button down shirts embroidered with the restaurant’s logo to give a more professional appearance and upscale feel.

When it comes to corporate uniforms, there’s no right or wrong choice, but boring team uniforms that simply blend into the environment and don’t show your company’s personality can be just that, boring.

Here are a couple of tips to help you make the most out of your corporate uniforms and help you put your business’ best foot forward:

Stand Out with Colour

Nothing says more about your company’s personality than the colour of your custom t-shirts! A splash of colour can turn a boring corporate uniform into a fab uniform your employees and customers will love instantly. When selecting a colour, be sure to choose one that reflects your company’s style. A fitness studio, for example, may want to select a vibrant, energetic colour like orange or red, while such a bold colour choice may not be suitable for a financial services company. A side benefit of colourful t-shirts is that your employees will be easily identifiable to customers.

Uniforms That Spark Conversation

Make your custom team uniforms conversation starters. Include text on the front or back of your custom t-shirts that asks a question and gets customers directly involved with your employees.

Trying to get more customer referrals? Rather than getting employees to ask your customers, simply printing “Have you heard about our referral program?” on a custom t-shirt encourages your customers to ask the questions and makes the conversation flow more naturally. Use your custom t-shirts to tell a joke or ask a trivia question, something that engages your customers and gets them talking about your business.

Make It Personal

Allow employees to personalize their company apparel by adding their names to the sleeve or chest to identify themselves to your customers. Invite some fun into the custom apparel design process by allowing employees to choose a fun slogan or title that represents who they are at the company. Injecting some personality into your custom uniforms will not only engage employees and make them proud to wear their staff uniform, it will also show your company’s values to your clients.

Provide Style Options

Wearing the same staff uniforms every day can be boring. Consider offering your staff some custom apparel options for their company uniforms. During the winter season, why not add a custom sweatshirt embroidered with your company logo to your uniform options? In the summer, try a custom polo. Offer staff something fun such as a custom toque in the winter or a custom cap in the summer. Embroidered with your company logo, you’ll be encouraging your staff to show off your business in public, even when they aren’t working. Getting creative with your uniform branded apparel will not only give your business a more modern appearance and engage your employees, your customers are sure to appreciate the fresh look as well.