How To Save On Custom Apparel: Tips From Entripy's CEO

Screen-printing machine printing custom t-shirts with customized designs.

There’s more to saving on custom apparel than shopping the sales section for discounted garments. Here are Entripy’s top tips for getting your money’s worth while still getting the best quality custom apparel possible for your organization.

More is More

Quantity price breaks is the most obvious way to save on custom apparel. Entripy offers low minimums, because we understand you don’t always need 100 custom t-shirts at a time. But ordering only the minimum quantity (typically 12 printed t-shirts) means paying more per unit. The reason is that the most expensive and time consuming part of every order is the set-up. Separate screen-printing screens for custom t-shirts with various ink colours.In screen printing, each colour in your design requires a separate screen to be made. All of those screens are then loaded into our printing press, a test t-shirt is run through to ensure print and colour accuracy and then the full order is printed. The majority of time per order is spent in setting up the print job. Once a print job is running, though, you’re only paying for a bit of ink and the garment itself. It’s why we offer price breaks on orders of higher quantity. Sure, you could order 12 custom printed t-shirts now and another 30 in a few months, but ordering a larger quantity the first time around will lower your cost per item.

Here’s an example: 12 363M t-shirts with a one colour full front print costs $12.04 each. 24 of the same t-shirt with the same print costs $8.99 each, a savings of $3.05 each, or 25%, simply for doubling the size of your order!

Whether you’re ordering custom t-shirts, embroidered jackets, polos, hoodies or customized hats, ordering a larger quantity will always reduce your costs per item.

But what if you REALLY only need a dozen custom t-shirts? There are other ways you can save.

Red colour custom t-shirt printed with one colour print to save on custom apparel.

Reduce the Colour Count

We all love colourful designs, but having several colours in your design can be expensive. This is because when screen-printing your design, a separate screen needs to be created for each colour used, and this will increase your cost.

Here’s an example: 12 363M t-shirts with a one colour full front print will cost $12.04 per t-shirt. A 4-colour print will cost $22.57 per t-shirt, nearly doubling the cost.

Reducing the number of colours in your design doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. A one-colour print can look bold and strong on a custom t-shirt. Changing the colour of the garment can also help your single colour logo to stand out, and selecting a different garment colour won’t impact the price!

Be an Early Bird

The early bird saves at Entripy! If you’re ahead of schedule and have some time to spare before you need your order completed, you can save 5% (up to a value of $25) by selecting our 10-day Economy Service.

Choose Embroidery

Custom embroidery machine printing client order on embroidered custom shirts.

Unlike screen-printing, where you are charged more per colour you add, the cost for embroidery doesn’t fluctuate with the number of colours in your design. Instead, cost is based on the number of stitches in your logo.

Here’s an example: A 6-colour left chest logo on a Jerzees Easy Care Sports Shirt would cost $39.71 each (based on a quote for 12 shirts). Embroidering that same logo on the left chest would cost $21.06 each, a savings of $18.65!

Multiple Locations

Printing on the front, back and each sleeve of your custom t-shirt can be expensive. The price increases with every location you choose to print. Rather than putting sponsor logos in every shirt location, try grouping them together and putting all of the information in one or two locations on your custom t-shirt.

Entripy’s CEO, Jas Brar, loves to talk savings! Watch this video to hear his top three tips for saving on custom apparel.