How to Make Your Custom Designed Clothes Last Longer

Put your logo on custom t-shirts and get tips on how your custom clothes can last longer.

When you receive your custom-made items from Entripy, you will immediately see the excellent quality. Because we cut out the middlemen and print our own clothes, we are able to provide customers with the best custom clothing available. At Entripy, we like to ensure that our clothes maintain this high quality wash after wash. Whether you are ordering hoodies, sweaters, custom t-shirts or bottoms, here are some tips to help make your custom designed clothes last longer.

Appropriate care for your items depends on the material it is made from. Cotton requires a different approach to synthetic fibres like polyesters or blends. Here are some general tips that apply to all types:

  • Washing at 30 degrees should be your default setting for most clothes. High temperatures can cause fibres to expand and the dyes to run, meaning colours will fade.
  • Separate colours to keep white and lighter coloured clothes bright. Avoid mixing with darker clothes.
  • Avoid the dryer to maintain the fabric’s structure. Dryers rely on heat to dry your clothes which can cause clothes to shrink and become misshapen. Dry outside wherever possible.
  • Always check the label. It is important to check the washing instructions on your clothing. If these are not followed, your items can be easily damaged.
  • Tackle stains immediately. If something is spilled on your clothing, it is best to apply a stain remover straight away so it doesn’t have a chance to be absorbed by the fabric.
Washed bright coloured custom clothing in laundry basket.

Cotton garments

Cotton is a hard wearing material and can withstand high temperatures but to make them last many years, wash on a cool cycle and limit the amount of detergent as this will keep items softer for longer. If your custom cotton items are white, bleach can maintain their brightness. Do not iron over stains as this will make them permanent. Make sure to store in a cool dry place as cotton absorbs moisture which can affect the integrity of the fabric.

Woollen garments

Woollen clothing is very delicate and is ideally hand washed with a gentle detergent. It is important to wash woollen items less frequently than other clothes. It is susceptible to heat and requires a cool washing cycle. Always fold and avoid hanging, as the material is easily stretched and misshaped by the hanger. Never use a dryer for wool as they are liable to shrinkage.

Items with prints

For custom items with prints, always a use a low temperature with a gentle detergent and turn inside out to protect the design. Keep the item inside out when ironing and use a lower temperature to avoid damage.

Polyester garments

Polyester is best washed on a warm cycle with fabric softener to reduce the static. Drying on a medium heat is fine but take great care when ironing as high temperatures can burn synthetic fabrics much more easily than natural fabrics like cotton.

Cotton/polyester blend

Cotton/poly blends are durable but remember to turn items inside outside before washing to prevent piling. Folding rather than hanging is always best to maintain the shape.

Ultimately the only way to ensure long life for any garment is to limit the number of washes and to always follow the washing instructions on the label. If you have any questions about how to best care for your high quality Entripy clothing, contact us online via live chat support or send us an email and we will respond within 45 minutes.