How to Make a Fashion Statement on Campus with Custom Clothing

Stepping out at school is about way more than just exercising your brain muscles. Despite what some people might tell you, making a fashion statement is a huge part of enjoying a healthy campus life.

There's nothing like being comfortable and confident while you're working to enhance your knowledge. You might not be able to control how difficult your courses are or how strict the instructors are, but whether you favour relaxed athletic wear or a more refined look, you're in charge of your style.

The only question is how to make a fashion statement that truly fits. Use these tips to decide which custom clothing suits your school best.

Remember Comfort Comes First

Many people say that you have to make sacrifices for the sake of fashion. We think that's pretty silly, especially in the realm of education.

It's long been held that distractions don't exactly aid learning progress. In modern classrooms, however, things are getting tougher than ever for students and teachers. From smart devices to nearby traffic noise, there are countless distractions in educational settings.

Your custom printed apparel choices should never disrupt the learning environment. Although many Canadian schools try to achieve this ideal by making it mandatory for students to adhere to dress codes, these steps are only half the battle. Uniforms that are made from season-inappropriate materials or just poorly designed make it hard to devote your undivided attention to what a teacher is saying, especially when the subject matter isn't very exciting.


When you're trying to achieve the ultimate comfort level, always start with the basics. For instance, custom T-shirts may not be the fanciest apparel in the world, but breathable materials like cotton make them some of the most versatile. Items like custom teamwear and T-shirts are also great for letting people express themselves in schools that require uniforms.

Think About How You Want to Present Yourself

Like all communication, each fashion statement says something unique. Sticking to your favourite custom athletic wear at all times may give off the impression that you're comfortable in your own skin.

Dressing up or going the extra mile to keep your uniform spotless might help you cultivate a purposeful, businesslike look that could someday serve you well in a corporate setting.

What are you trying to say with your fashion and accessories? It all depends on your personality and values, but consider these ideas:

Colours create unique moods

For instance, a red garment is guaranteed to draw people's attention like no other color, but choices like greens and rich dark blues can present a calming air and project a positive energy. Neutral tones like grays are great for connoting modesty and intellect while black and white can help portray cleanliness and solid authority.

• Easy upkeep is essential

Remember how we said you shouldn't have to make life-upending sacrifices to stay fashionable? This concept doesn't only apply to how you wear garments; it should also inform your decisions about custom apparel ownership.


If you have to set aside what seems like a lifetime every week for ironing, delicate laundering, stain removal or mending, then make a different fashion choice. In addition to picking materials that are easier to keep clean, always consider how well-made an item seems, whether it can withstand abuse and if you can afford it without feeling like you need to pick up more hours at your summer job.

• Good fashion fits well

No matter how posh you are or how expensive your latest chic outfit is, you'll neither look nor feel great in ill-fitting clothing. Overly large or too-small apparel is an uncomfortable source of distraction that constantly requires adjustments. While there's nothing wrong with sizing up so that you grow into that favourite sweatshirt or custom hoodie of yours, you don't have to go overboard. Understand how the sizing standards for different custom apparel items work, and never make assumptions. Similar-looking clothes from different manufacturers can have wildly distinct dimensions. We always recommend checking out the sizing charts for each product individually.


Learn to Love Layering

Fashion can be hit-or-miss. For instance, anyone who's spent time looking at vintage style magazines or old sewing patterns knows that people occasionally go crazy over trends that look outright ridiculous. In other cases, super practical, comfy designs that you'd think would have caught on seem to have mysteriously vanished without a trace.

If there's one thing you can glean from all of this, it's that the best style choices don't limit your options. Just as it's hard to tell what's going to be in vogue in a few months, it's impossible to know whether you'll spontaneously want to mix things up between periods.

Shopping for layers instead of one-and-done outfits is a great way to solve these problems. Consider the following tips:

• Pick jerseys, V-necks and other casual outfit pieces that go well with a broad variety of other items, such as slacks, athletic shorts or sweats.

• Get more mileage out of your favourite coats, sweaters and outerwear items by finding multiple customized T-shirts or polo shirts in the same style with different colour combinations.

You'll feel like you're doing something completely fresh each time even if you're wearing the same basic apparel.


• Offset and enhance your colour palette by choosing a custom cap that matches one of the other colours in an outfit. This is an easy, inexpensive way to tie everything together.

Fashion is fickle, but you don't have to give in to its whims. Instead of trying to keep up, go with whatever feels good and appeals to your unique taste. Whether you're picking customized baseball caps for the entire varsity baseball team or designing your own T-shirt for a spirit day, choosing comfortable, well-made gear is the easiest way to make a statement you feel confident about.