How to Host the Perfect Playoffs Party

Entripy employees wearing custom t-shirts and custom toques for Raptors playoffs.

It’s an amazing time to be a sports fan in Toronto! For the first time since 2002, both the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs are headed to the post-season. It’s playoffs fever in the GTA. How are you going to celebrate?

Hosting a playoffs party is a great way to encourage your friends and family to get in on the excitement of the post-season, and there’s no shortage of things to cheer for! As the official promotional custom apparel partner of the Leafs and Raptors, we feel the need to weigh in here and provide you with our top tips for hosting the perfect playoffs party!

Encourage Team Spirit

Encourage everyone to get into the game by wearing their team jerseys or their team apparel. If you were lucky enough to snag a rally towel or an Entripy made custom t-shirt at a Leafs or Raptors game, you’ll be all set for your playoffs party! Have some fun with your team wear and host a contest for the best dressed fan. When Entripy hosted this contest online, we got some incredible fan photos!

Get creative with your contests. Leafs fans: why not host a “Dress like Don Cherry” contest? Raptors, fans, did you know play-by-play analyst Jack Armstrong now has a line of custom t-shirts with his famous sayings “Hello!” and “Get That Garbage Outta Here”!

An Event This Big Needs a Big Screen

Sure, you and your pals can chip on a projector and a home theatre screen, but if this doesn’t work out, simply find a friend with the biggest screen and head to their pad to watch the game day action.

Custom towels giveaways to maple leaf fans at the hockey game.

If that screen isn’t big enough for you, head to Maple Leaf Square, also known as Jurassic Park if you’re a Raps fan.

Feed the Hype

You know we’ve gotta talk about food here. Who doesn’t love grabbing a hot dog and peanuts at the game? Fire up your grill and put on some of your favourite game foods.

Get Loud!

You may not have 20,000 fans screaming in your living room, but you can still re-create the atmosphere of watching the game live. Crank up the volume and cheer as loud as you can for your team!

Head to a Tailgate Party!

If you really want to feel the energy of being at a game without having to pay sky high playoff ticket prices, head to Maple Leaf Square for some tailgate action! Both teams will host tailgate parties in the square for home and away games. If both teams play on the same day, the team playing at home will take precedence. If both teams are playing away games on the same day at the same time, the big screen will show both games in a split screen!

Follow the Game on Social Media

Share your excitement when you see a great play, or vent your frustrations at a close chance to score. Follow the conversation online using #TMLTalk (Leafs) and #WeTheNorth (Raptors). Be sure to follow @Entripy as well; you know we’ll chime in with our thoughts on the games, too!