How To Find Balance Between School, Sports & A Social Life

Great Lakes Science team is displaying their white and green custom printed t-shirts at school.

You want to get the most out of your school experience, but completing coursework, attending football practices, studying for exams, winning championship trophies for your school and still maintaining a social life can be a challenge. How can you fit it all in?

Follow these five tips to strike the right balance.

Schedule Your Life

Make use of your calendar app! Take the time to add your class schedule, assignment due dates, team practices and game days to your calendar. Don’t forget to schedule time to work on homework! Review your course syllabus to see how different assignments are weighted and prioritize your work, focusing on the most heavily weighted tasks first. Check your calendar before you go to bed so you can mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Avoid Procrastination

While it can be tempting to put things off, eventually you’ll find yourself staring at an intimidating to-do-list and find it even harder to get yourself motivated to start. If you find yourself surrendering to procrastination, set a timer for 10 minutes. Working on the task for “only” 10 minutes can help you to get the ball rolling. Those mere 10 minutes may turn into 30 and bingo, the task is done! Breaking down a large project into small manageable chunks and setting deadlines for each can also help you cross items off a lengthy to-do-list. Use weekends to get ahead on your studies or to catch up with friends and make use of travel time to read or go over game day strategies.

Get Excited

When you show school spirit and team spirit with custom apparel, you’re not only showing support for your classmates, you may be helping yourself get better grades and be a happier person! Principals report that students who have a great amount of school spirit are more confident than their less spirited peers, are more likely to be leaders, feel more fulfilled, and perform better academically. Showing school spirit can be as easy as sporting your school’s logo on an embroidered hoodie, custom t-shirtor as involved as learning your school’s fight song and waiving your pom-poms at your school’s pep rally. Participating in school events allows you to connect with your peers and enrich your social life.

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While sleep may seem to be a waste of time when you have so much on your plate, getting enough sleep can actually help you perform better. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night can improve your executive function; the area of the brain responsible for decision making, critical thinking, memory and reaction time, meaning you’ll make fewer mistakes in your coursework and on the field. Plus, sleep boosts your body’s immune system and improves your mood, so you’ll be happier and healthier.

Take Time Out

Finding some time to treat yourself and clear your head of all of your obligations is important for your emotional and physical health. If you’re having trouble finding time to yourself, schedule it! Set aside some time each day where you can unwind, even if it’s just listening to music during your commute.

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