How Buying Canadian Can Avoid Cross-Border Headaches For Multinational Corporations

How Entripy helps corporations with Canadian franchises avoid cross-border headaches with custom apparel.

Since the 1990s, giant US retailers including Home Depot, Costco, Wal-Mart and Starbucks - have thrived in the Canadian retail landscape. The cultural similarities and geographic proximity between Canada and the US make the Great White North attractive to many US franchisors seeking international expansion. While doing business in Canada can be very profitable, outfitting employees in custom apparel can be quite costly to US franchisors.

The Fees, the Wait, the Hassle!

Shipping corporate custom uniforms from the US to outfit Canadian store locations means paying expensive duties and shipping times mean long wait times. A high US dollar means higher cost goods. Plus, imports to Canada are subject to federal and regional sales tax and tariffs may apply if your custom uniforms were manufactured outside the US and shipped to Canadian franchise locations.

The Entripy Solution

Entripy is an ideal partner for multinational corporations with a footprint in Canada. For over 15 years, Entripy has been offering custom fulfillment solutions for franchises with Canadian locations.

US currency and Canadian dollars depicting the cost savings companies will endure with Entripy.

The Integrated Client Site

An integrated client site is a user-friendly online solution offered to corporations with multiple locations in Canada. This automated platform allows each franchise location to place their custom apparel orders as they need to. With branding specs and artwork kept on file, an integrated client site means you save time and money when ordering your custom uniforms. This just-in-time fulfilment model means franchise locations don’t have to sit on large amounts of inventory.

Logistics and Distribution

Because Entripy produces our custom apparel in-house at our Oakville, Ontario facility, we are able to provide a quick turnaround, far below the industry standard of 2-3 weeks. Entripy also provides kitting and logistics support, shipping directly from our production facility to each franchise location.

Operating in Canada doesn’t have to be a headache. Want to find out more about Entripy’s custom apparel solutions for US multinationals operating in Canada? Please contact or visit Business/Schools & Teams page.